Create audience lists for powerful retargeting

The Audience Builder

Retarget, engage, and discover new users. The Audience Builder takes care of the hardest parts of retargeting and engagement by making it easy for you to build audience segments.

"The main benefit we get is showing our ads to users that we know are valuable."

Jeff Gurian, VP Marketing & Ad Monetization, Kongregate

Target the right users at the right time

Get the most out of your marketing campaigns. The Audience Builder empowers you to create detailed audience segments: specify the user's day of install, events triggered and more to create a segment of your users perfectly matching your criteria. There's no limit on how detailed you can be, giving you the most flexibility.

Control your audience segments

Dynamic Audiences

Your audiences self-update when a new user meets the criteria, without any overlap.

Cross-app Audiences

Create audiences across any apps you’re tracking with Adjust.

Split Audiences

Divide audiences up to 10 times. Partners never bid on the same users, so your users never get spammed.

Create Smart Audiences for insightful A/B testing & cross promotion

Audience Builder it’s easy to perform cross-promotion across your apps. And when you split your audiences you have everything you need to A/B test creatives, bid on different keywords, or work with multiple partners in tandem without spamming your users.

Serve your audience the right ads

Push Campaigns

Create audiences and download push tokens to run targeted push campaigns with bespoke messaging based on your criteria.

A/B Testing

Use split audiences to test different creatives, messaging, and campaign logic, or test out different partners with the same audience.

Secure data flow

Only share what you need to with partners: upload audiences into SSPs or share links with any advertising network or agency. Automatically sync with Facebook Custom Audiences.

Your data stays with you

There’s no need to share every single data point you’ve collected along the way. In the past, and with other attribution providers, you’d send all of your data unfiltered to partners in order to do remarketing. With Audience Builder, only advertising IDs or push tokens are passed on to partners.

We recognize our business imperative behind connecting with diverse financial backgrounds – people who have different credit scores and financial statuses. Thanks to the Audience Builder, we understand and engage with our customers better than before and deliver them personalized experiences through our ads.

Oktay Kalem

Vice President, Digital Marketing & Sales, Akbank

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