Drive up subscription rates and keep your users active.

Use real-time data to get the full picture of your customer base. Separate your forever freemiums from your pro subscribers. Analyze their journeys to convert new users, amplify engagement month over month, and elevate LTV.

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I don’t think any advertiser really understands the amount of fraudulent traffic they are dealing with until they activate the Fraud Prevention Suite. I can’t imagine doing any media buying without it now.

Moshi Blum

User Acquisition Lead, Viber

Facebook is one of the most important communication channels for us, and Adjust’s deep integration made our work fast and easy. We were able to unlock and reach new targeting groups and increase our growth tremendously.

Adam Jaffe

CMO, ABA English

Installs are nice, but they don’t matter when you’re working with a high-engagement product such as ours. That’s just a foot in the door. To properly evaluate which partners and campaigns are bringing in the right users, we need to know more than just volume: we need to know that they perform.

Gunnar Böke

Head of Marketing & Business Development, dailyme


Find your best sources of new users

Find the creative assets that converted the most subscribers and plug your campaigns into 900 partners around the world. Adjust streamlines measurement into a single, high-powered dashboard. Start measuring your installs and engagements with bulletproof accuracy.

Deep Linking

Help your users jump straight to the content that matters

Power up your campaigns with deep links - whether you want to enable users to seamlessly play songs, test out new workouts or learn a new language, deep links get them there faster.


Harness your data and optimize the features your users engage with

How do your users arrive in your app? When do they sign up? Why do they leave? Measure their in-app journey and use those insights to continue to drive ROI with personalized experiences. Adjust's analytics lets you sync your data back to your CRM and BI partners - keep investing in the messages that bring the most value.

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Audience Builder

Reach the right subscribers at the right time

How do you ensure your subscriber rates never drop? Adjust’s Audience Builder lets you target the right customers at the right time. Create custom segments based on your user data, download segments with one click to send targeted messages, or upload lists to any retargeting partner. Keep subscribers engaged and create new opportunities to convert.

Fraud Prevention

Keep your budget & KPIs safe with the Fraud Prevention Suite

Rely on accurate user data to guide your marketing decisions with total data accuracy. Adjust’s Fraud Prevention Suite gives you the security to work with any partner you want and ensures that only legitimate subscribers are credited towards your ad spend. Adjust protects you and your partners from mobile app fraud before it starts.

Data Security

Benefit from the highest data security standards in the industry

With Adjust, you own your data completely. We believe in following the strictest data privacy laws in the world, and passed rigorous criteria to earn the ePrivacy seal. Adjust takes the worry out of security.

The industry’s biggest subscription-based apps use Adjust

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