Every new user is a chance to optimize. Give each one a platinum experience.

Whether they’re creating a budget or managing their wealth, learn how your users behave in your app. Create personalized offers to increase retention and lift ROI. Refine your engagement and retargeting with customized segments in our Audience Builder. Track your campaigns at a granular level in a single dashboard - the only one you’ll ever need.

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We recognize our business imperative behind connecting with diverse financial backgrounds – people who have different credit scores and financial statuses. Thanks to the Audience Builder, we understand and engage with our customers better than before and deliver them personalized experiences through our ads.

Oktay Kalem

Vice President, Digital Marketing & Sales, Akbank

Facebook is one of the most important communication channels for us, Adjust’s deep integration made our work fast and easy. We were able to unlock and reach new targeting groups and increase our growth tremendously.

Tristan Thomas

Head of Marketing, Monzo

For every app marketer interested in tracking in-app events, Adjust is a must.

Bartosz Sajewski

SEA Manager, N26

The main motivation to work with Adjust was the ability to track all of our download channels from a single platform. Integration simplicity and accuracy of data were a big advantage.

Ece Ozturk

Director of Digital Performance Marketing, Garanti


Discover where your best users come from

Adjust streamlines the measurement of all your campaigns across any partner. We work directly with over 900 networks so you can measure your installs and engagement with confidence. Plug your campaigns into any publisher and find out which one converted your highest-value users.


Connect and analyze cross-platform data

Measure what drives your customers to convert and understand how users move between web and mobile platforms for their banking needs. Optimize the in-app journey while they save or manage money. With Adjust's analytics, drill down into hourly data trends, sync your data with your CRM tools and drive up ROI.


Target, advertise and optimize for your most valuable users

No one likes to share their secrets - that’s why we created Audience Builder. It gives you complete control over the data you share with your partners. Create custom segments based on your actual user data, and create lookalike audiences for future campaigns. Download segments with a click of a button to send targeted push or in-app messages, or upload lists to any retargeting partner without the need to share everything.

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Measure the impact of every channel

Attribution across multiple platforms means that you keep investing in the messages that bring you value, no matter whether they appeared via push notifications, video ads, custom email offers or on TV. Receive real-time, hourly data in return.


Keep your budget & KPIs safe with Fraud Prevention

Adjust’s Fraud Prevention Suite eliminates fraudulent traffic from ever being attributed to your paid channels. Target real customers who shop in your app, not bots. Real-time protection gives you the security to work with any partner you want, so you can get the message out about your products.


Meeting worldwide data privacy and storage standards

Mobile finance is all about trust - with Adjust, you never have to worry about the safety of your data: we’ll never store your information with third parties or cloud services. We believe you and your users deserve the security and peace of mind that come with dedicated server resources. Adjust is the only mobile measurement partner to meet global security standards and is EU Privacy Compliant. We are proud to have passed rigorous legal and security audits in order to earn the ePrivacy Seal.

Finance apps like yours depend on Adjust

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