Blog A year of CAAF

On September 19th, 2017, we launched the Coalition Against Ad Fraud - known to many as CAAF.

Since then, the initiative has grown from a handful of fraud-focused partners, willing to take strong steps against mobile ad fraud, to a wealth of networks all over the world.

Alongside its growth CAAF has brought education, the key to defending against fraud, to the masses, providing members the opportunity to share knowledge together.

Through our ongoing work we’ve become better equipped to fight fraud, and have helped create solutions that have been shared industry-wide.

All the while, us and our members have never lost sight of our main goal: to end ad fraud for good.

What CAAF has achieved so far

Now boasting more than 20 members, and having hosted three global events, CAAF continues to go from strength to strength.

In the upcoming months we’ll be holding more events, first touching down in Tokyo, very soon. Not only that, but we’ve been hard at work creating guidelines for the coalition, to set shared industry standards for definitions of mobile ad fraud.

This will help support our ongoing discussions, and help us collectively get past the “what are we dealing with?”, to be able move onto the “how we can deal with the problem?”.

Who is a member of CAAF?

A total of 22 networks have joined the coalition. These include ironSource, Vungle, Aarki, Nend, i-mobile, Dynalyst, Applift, Inmobi, Fyber, Jampp, Remerge, Liftoff, Youappi, AdAction, AdColony,, Headway Digital, Zucks Network (United), Zucks Affiliate (United), Curate Media, Motive Interactive and Madvertise.

All have helped shape CAAF as we know it today, and all continue to contribute knowledge, ideas, and continued expertise to the group in ongoing online discussion and at our local meetings.

Importantly, this list isn’t static - as you’ll see, we’re constantly adding more to the group. In fact, we’re pleased to announce three new members.

Welcoming our three newest members

We’re proud to name Revmob, Chartboost and Moloco as new CAAF badgeholders. Below you can see what they have to say about the news.

DJ Jeon

Chief Technology Officer, Moloco

Pepe Agell

Chief Strategy Officer, Chartboost

Guilherme Souza

CEO, Revmob

Now, advertisers can enlist!

We’re opening up CAAF to advertisers, aiming to add more powerful voices into the mix to call for more action on fraud in the industry.

If you’d like to know more, take a look at our CAAF page here, and contact us via the link if you’d like to consider joining. We’d be pleased to have you!

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