Over 300 Adjusters touched down in Faro, Portugal, for our annual retreat this past June.

Since Adjust began, the company has taken week-long getaways to destinations as far as Mexico, Mauritius, and the Dominican Republic. For many of us, it’s a welcome break from Berlin (or any of our 15 other offices), and a great way to catch up with colleagues from all corners of the globe (usually by the pool, or on a boat!)

Our highlight reel shows you just a teaser of what we got up to during our retreat. From catching some rays by the pool to our annual boat trip, there was time to enjoy some relaxation to celebrate a year of success.

That said, it wasn’t all fun and games — between company updates, team workshops, and one-on-ones, there was a lot of work to catch up on. Daily workshops between teams helped align goals and keep up the momentum of growth we’re experiencing as a company. Throughout the retreat, our teams continued to work on delivering best-in-class support, service, and content.

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If you want to join in on next year’s retreat, take a look at our careers page for more on our company culture, and learn how we celebrate our employees and unique culture with this added re-treat.

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