Blog A look back at our year in webinars

A look back at our year in webinars

In 2017, we launched over a dozen webinars together with some of our integrated partners.

With over 1,000 integrated partners to choose from, we’re committed to bringing you the information and expertise that matters, from the best across the entire mobile marketing industry. From experts in rewarded video advertising to Christmas engagement strategies to Universal App Campaigns, here are some of our favorite moments in webinars from the past 365 days.

Leveling up: Best practices for your mobile gaming app launch

Together with IronSource and Nexon, we broke down a mobile game launch into steps with actionable insights. How can you prepare a successful soft launch? How do you stretch your ad spend dollars when you’re ready to launch? What’s the most effective traffic worth targeting during your launch window? Nexon, who service over 100 mobile gaming titles, and IronSource, who make free-to-play possible for over 1.2B people, let us pick their brains.

Your burning questions about Google’s Universal App Campaigns

We liked having Lee Jones (Google’s Director of Global App Install Strategy) so much on our stage at Mobile Spree San Francisco, that we invited him back for a one-on-one chat with Adjust’s Global Product Director, Katie Madding. Lee filled us in on the who-what-when of Universal App Campaigns, then ran us through how Big Data and machine learning will analyze your ad campaign performance to optimize for your custom-defined KPIs in real time. If you have a question about UAC, it’s in here.

The best mobile retargeting strategies for the future with Criteo

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: a re-engaged, existing user is often worth far more than a brand new one. In this webinar, the folks at Criteo took us through their top re-engagement and retargeting techniques and how to calibrate your KPIs based on those goals. Plus, if you’ve ever wondered what the actual difference is between re-engagement and retargeting, we’ve got you covered.

Rewarded video advertising with Tapjoy: How to engage the mobile gamer

Mobile games have long been considered the forerunners of app monetization, perfecting the freemium model long before other verticals considered looking beyond the paywall. Freemium games have enabled rewarded advertising, in which a user engages with an ad rather than pay for content. Tapjoy caught us up on the history, benefits and future of rewarded video advertising, and how you can use rewarded ads to bump up your engagement metrics.

A fireside chat with Vungle: Best practices for leveraging your user data

If you’ve got your attribution and in-app event tracking all set up and ready to go, what comes next? What do you do with all of that data? In this webinar, our friends at Vungle showed us how they take billions of data points and use them to improve mobile video ad quality and optimize towards lifetime value (LTV).

Mobile engagement strategies for the holidays with CleverTap

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for mobile marketing! Together with CleverTap’s Head of Marketing, Almitra Karnik, we took a look at what makes December such a special time for marketers. From the opportunity that new devices under the Christmas tree present to captive audiences home for the holidays, we laid out how to make the most of the season.

Want more webinars? You can download them all now. Have a wonderful holiday season and we’ll look forward to bringing you even more great web content in 2018.

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