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Adjust at App Promotion Summit Berlin: Prep for success and accelerate growth

In this video from the 2021 App Promotion Summit in Berlin, Ender Ozcan, VP Global Sales at Adjust, speaks with Erdem Inan, CMO at, the largest e-commerce company in Turkey and the MENA region, and Lorenzo Tubertini, the Marketing Science Partner at Meta.

Erdem leads Trendyol’s team responsible for growing their customer and seller base while increasing engagement and loyalty. Lorenzo’s team at Meta helps businesses grow by transforming their marketing practices, grounded in data and science.

Watch to gain valuable insight into:

  • Better ways to engage with existing customers while expanding your client base.
  • How to budget and invest in campaigns.
  • Strategies for global holiday event sales.
  • Strategies for research, testing, and implementing successful ads, events, and LiveOps.
  • Strategies for attracting the right customers and making ads stand out from the competition.
  • How to manage engagement and measure the impact of paid and organic channels.

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