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Building a team based on openness: Shubham's employee story

For this month’s employee story, we’re catching up with Shubham Jha, our Sales Manager based in our Bengaluru office.

In his role, Shubham manages the sales team in India, whose goal is to build Adjust’s presence in the region. We spoke to him to find out more about his career path, what he does at Adjust, and the advice he’d give to those looking to get into the tech industry.

Hi Shubham, what brought you to Adjust?

What brought me to Adjust is just that it was a market leader with cutting-edge technology. When you’re looking at markets like Japan, Adjust is the go-to name there. When Adjust was looking to get an office in India off the ground, I thought ‘This is going to be the best company to join at the early stage of a market, so you can really make your presence felt in the company.’

And I also believe that if I can give the mobile industry in India, and all our clients, a product that is very powerful, that will help to build up performance marketing in India. And that’s something that’s positive for all the mobile industry and the whole country.

How has Adjust changed in the time you have been here?

What’s really changed is the focus on a broader range of technological solutions that will grow in importance in the near future. When I joined Adjust was focused mostly on attribution, but now the focus is on changing the entire mobile ecosystem. With the help of our products like Automate and the Fraud Prevention Suite, we have a lot to offer in a lot of different areas. It’s a long term process, but I do believe that launching tools such as Control Center have really changed things. Control Center, for example, is a very advanced product that has a lot to offer the digital market.

As a salesperson, it’s easy to get people excited about these futuristic products, because now we’re offering the complete tools of mobile and marketing intelligence platforms, that can help you with anything from user acquisition to retargeting or re-engagement.

What does an average day for you look like?

The most common task is reaching out to clients or prospects, so that involves a lot of reading LinkedIn, other social networks, and trying to understand the best stakeholders to approach. If I find a good company match, then I reach out to the right person, try to schedule a call or meeting and help them understand how Adjust can add value. I’m always trying to help them understand the kind of maturity that we have.

I also take care of demos for prospective or existing clients. I’m always trying to help clients and prospects understand the broader product and company. Then I try and reach out to the SDRs and the support team, to see if they have any problems that I can assist on. I try to budget some time for that. And then talking to different members of the company, not just in Sales.

What kind of culture have you tried to instill in the sales team in India?

I’ve tried to create a very open culture: there is no hierarchy. Everyone can approach anyone in the company and can talk about basically anything. I find this flat company structure key. Sometimes it’s the newest person who comes on board who can point out something that I'm missing out, or can help on some of the other points that can be addressed.

What do you love about your job? What’s the most challenging?

I love talking to brands, not only about attribution but also about work, what they do and what other matrices they used to measure. That’s essential in a sales role, as I need to see the wider picture to fully understand how clients operate.

If for example I’m talking to a prospect in the gaming vertical, I want to know if it's a hyper-casual or casual game. After that I want to know if it’s in a mature state or ‘just about to soft launch’ kind of stage. And it’s also important to know what other KPIs they're focused on. I like to have all this information so I can have a more informed conversation with the client. Let’s say a new client was looking for a soft launch. I can give them some advice and make sure they’re doing everything in the best way. It’s about sharing the knowledge so everyone helps everyone.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining Adjust?

I would say it is one of the best companies you have ever come across. Not only on the product-side, but also how there is a very open, flat structure, and you can approach anyone in the company if you need to.

And that includes the leadership team or senior managers, you can talk to any of them. It's a very good environment. What company has created, from onboarding in Berlin, to whatever you will be doing as your role, is a super open culture.

And if you're looking for growth, whether that’s personal or professional growth, you should be looking at Adjust.

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