Blog Adjust Multi-Touch: Giving mobile marketers a greater understanding of the customer journey

Adjust Multi-Touch: Giving mobile marketers a greater understanding of the customer journey

We’re proud to announce the upcoming release of Adjust Multi-Touch, bringing marketers greater understanding of the entire customer journey.

It’s no secret that the path to conversion is a highly complex journey, made up of multiple touchpoints that tell a larger story than a single, conversion-winning instance. Therefore, gaining insight into what happens on the way to that last click is essential to understanding a customer’s overall path, and which unique combination of campaign and creative drove that person to download your app.

Adjust Multi-Touch will reveal the real contributions of each network and campaign, showing which of those generate conversions and uplift. This can be used to inform budget reallocation and optimize your campaigns.

Such datapoints also explain the mobile marketing industry’s rising demand for Multi-Touch Attribution, and why we’ve created Adjust Multi-Touch to meet such needs.

How does Adjust Multi-Touch work?

Multi-Touch works in real time, to send each touchpoint along the customer journey to your BI system or S3 bucket. This makes it possible to map those engagements in your attribution model, giving you additional insights to inform and optimize campaign performance.

Adjust’s Co-founder & CTO, Paul H. Müller, had this to say about the new feature:

Multi-touch attribution has never been more in-demand. By showing all the touchpoints that contributed to a conversion, Adjust Multi-Touch reflects the way today’s users interact with advertising. Marketers can use Multi-Touch to evaluate which channels and campaigns attract users’ attention and convert, and then invest in the experiences proven to drive growth - making it indispensable for data-driven businesses who want to identify where the value is generated on their customers’ journey.”

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the various benefits that can be gained by activating Adjust Multi-Touch.

What can you learn with Adjust Multi-Touch?

Marketers will mainly use Multi-Touch data to measure the effectiveness of each network and campaign. By seeing every tracked engagement that led to conversion, you can:

  • Learn how users interact with your advertising and identify where value is generated throughout the entire customer journey
  • Measure which campaigns bring the most uplift
  • Gain full visibility into marketing tactics, from the top to the bottom of the funnel
  • Observe trends and spot correlations between networks that are proven to drive conversions
  • Receive raw, unfiltered, unopinionated data

Adjust Multi-Touch forms part of our goal of offering the mobile industry’s most complete and accurate measurement solution.

The new product also benefits from no limitations to the number of touches reported. In other words, every tracked click or impression that contributes to an install, session, event or reattribution is reported. This will happen even if it occurs outside of your attribution window.

You’ll also receive touches claimed by self-attributing networks (such as social networks), a necessity for showing true campaign performance.

Trendspotting: Learn the true value of each network

Mapping every engagement in your BI and observing the path to conversion allows you to spot trends that you would otherwise have missed.

For example, you could discover a valuable correlation between two networks. Let’s take a look at this improvement in action:

If your data shows that users are more likely to install an app by clicking on an ad from network A after seeing a certain series of banners from network B, you’ve proven that network B creates uplift for network A. You could then use this insight to assign value to networks that are significantly contributing to conversions, even though they aren’t getting the last click.

This is how Adjust Multi-Touch allows you to measure the success of partners who focus on promotion and awareness, and lets you find the best performing correlation between channel, network and campaign. You can also use this insight to eliminate ineffective touchpoints and optimize your campaigns alongside the user journey.

Next steps: Setting up Adjust Multi-Touch

Multi-Touch reporting is available to all clients with a BI system that can accept callbacks and manage this volume of data.

The product is an additional offering, so please contact your Sales Manager to learn more about the product and receive notification upon general release coming soon. You can also learn more about the tool by reading our product update.

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