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Adjust’s 10th anniversary: Celebrating our milestones

We were thrilled to mark Adjust’s 10th anniversary yesterday, April 12th. It’s been a spectacular period of incredible ideation, innovative products, and ultimately, unstoppable growth. We asked some Adjust veterans to help us reflect on the significant events over the last ten years which have served to shape Adjust into the incredible mobile analytics platform it is today.

2012 | The Adjust journey begins

Adjust was founded by Christian Henschel, Paul H. Müller, and Manuel Kniep in Berlin, Germany in 2012. The goal—build a measurement and tracking solution that allowed app marketers to better understand user acquisition. The three founders even raised Adjust’s first round of funding that same year.

Simon (Bobby) Dussart


2014 | The great expansion

In the year 2014, Adjust successfully raised its second round of funding. The company readily put to work this hard-earned capital and added three offices in addition to its headquarters in Berlin—San Francisco, Tokyo, and Beijing. This expansion grew the company to almost 40 employees that year (we now have over 600!). But the growth didn’t stop in 2014 as more offices were added to the Adjust rank between 2015 and 2017, including offices in Brazil, the U.K., and France, to name a few. Now, in 2022, Adjust has 16 offices which you can check out here and more than 700 team members.

Ender Ozcan

Senior Vice President, Global Revenue

2018 | The acquisition of

The number of mobile ad and user acquisition channels app marketers have to review to understand their marketing efforts grows every year. The team at Adjust knew managing multiple dashboards and data points was a major pain point for marketers. This is why in 2018, Adjust acquired one of the leading data aggregation platforms, The strategic move helped Adjust greatly reduce repetitive workflows, making campaign optimization easy for app marketers. In fact, our newest analytics solution, Datascape, is a direct result of this acquisition.

Andrey Kazakov


2019 | The pivotal $227 million funding round

In one of Europe’s largest capital raises at the time, Adjust raised a stunning $227 million in its 2019 round of funding. The vision for this funding round was two-fold. First, Adjust desired to further bolster its fraud prevention measures, ensuring its clients’ data remained fraud-free for accurate results. Second, the company sought to expand its presence in new and existing markets in a move to become mobile’s definitive growth platform for marketers worldwide.

The immediate results? That same year Adjust acquired the attribution tool PartyTrack from one of Japan’s biggest marketing agencies, Adways—further establishing Adjust’s global footprint.

Andrea Schleusener

VP Technical Support & Specialists

2020 | The domination of CTV with Roku integration

The year 2020 proved to be a giant spark for Adjust’s Connected TV and OTT Campaign Measurement solution. The solution was already supporting AppleTV, Android TV, and Amazon Fire, but added the leading streaming platform Roku to its integrations in 2020.

The momentum carried through to 2021 when Adjust launched its Connected TV Ad to Mobile Measurement solution, enabling mobile marketers to attribute installs and impressions on mobile, to ads displayed on CTV.

Gijsbert Pols

Director of Connected TV and New Channels

2021 | Adjust joins the AppLovin family

In 2021, Adjust joined forces with AppLovin. The acquisition was driven by a shared mission to empower app developers with innovative solutions and propel the mobile ecosystem forward. This partnership supplies best-in-class solutions for app developers in one robust package, be it measurement, analytics, growth, or monetization solutions. While still an independent company, Adjust operates within the AppLovin family, providing Adjust’s proprietary tech stack, SDK, and other services.

Katie Madding

Chief Product Officer

Here’s to 10 years and many more to come

Lastly, we’d like to give a shout-out to each and every employee who has been on this journey with us. Adjust is only as strong, intelligent, and creative as the people who give it life. Thank you for these past ten years and your untiring spirit of ingenuity.

With nothing but gratitude for the past and excitement for the future, Adjust stands 10 years proud and eager to embrace many more.

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