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Tencent integration and app tracking in China: What Adjust achieved in APAC in 2017

We’re happy to announce that Adjust is now a certified Ads Measurement Partner of the Tencent Social Ads (TSA) Platform. With this news, Adjust becomes just one of a few select attribution companies that are able to track Tencent campaigns.

Tencent Social Ads Platform helps advertisers to reach target audiences with diverse digital interaction and to connect their brands with business goals. The move enables our clients to measure return on advertising spend (ROAS) in the Asian market with more accuracy.

Tencent’s Social Ads Platform reaches a massive user base, with over 900 million users combined using apps such as Weixin/WeChat, QQ, Qzone, and other Tencent products, such as Mobile QQ Browser, YingYongBao, Tencent News, Tencent Video. This list also includes a host of third-party mobile apps.

Christian Henschel, CEO of Adjust, said, "As a measurement partner for Tencent Social Ads Platform, we’re able to unlock new mobile inventory for our clients, and also enable them to build up their own audiences on one of the most popular messaging and news services in the world. We have been working closely with Tencent Social Ads Platform to ensure our integration is seamless so our advertisers can see value from day one.”

How we expanded into APAC in 2017

One of our biggest initiatives of 2017 was unlocking the APAC market. And as far as individual markets in the region are regarded, China is one of the biggest of all. In May, we created a new method of gaining access, allowing our clients to track apps in China - an industry first.

Hsin-Jou Chang, Adjust’s Managing Director in China, had this to say, “This year, we started providing attribution services for our clients not only overseas, but also in the domestic market in China, as we saw increasing demand of accuracy and transparency for data. We are glad that we’ve achieved one of our major milestones - working with the Tencent Social Ads Platform. To follow this, we are committed to getting more partners in the following months.”

Near the end of the year, we also saw a spate of significant new partnerships from organizations across APAC: namely LINE, Naver, and, announced in this blog post, Tencent.

Would you like to learn more about how we’ve moved into the market? We’ve created a list of resources below, so you can read up on all that we’ve achieved in 2017.

Measure ad campaigns in China with Adjust

This post summarizes the launch of our own app tracking product in China.

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The launch also saw some more coverage on the blog, where we promote our product in more detail.

Data Stories and app tracking in China

Recently, we released an extensive data story (and infographic) all to do with China’s app exports. The report delved into how the apps China makes perform around the world. While the focus is mainly on neighboring countries, the US is also a big player in their own market. You can find out why in the report above.

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