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Download Adjust’s Paid User Acquisition Guide today

Adjust’s guide for all things paid user acquisition is out now and ready to download.

UA strategy plays an all-important role in learning how to effectively convert users. Without it, you’re caught in a guessing game that could hinder the potential reach of your app. This is why we’ve created a new Paid User Acquisition handbook, providing you with valuable insights into how to do UA right.

Download the handbook, here.

This guide is designed to take you through the first steps of user acquisition, all the way to combating fraud and other common challenges for UA managers. It will give you a comprehensive overview of paid user acquisition, with insights into:

  • Goals, metrics and success
  • The importance of Lifetime Value (LTV)
  • Types of ads and ad placement
  • Winning UA strategies
  • Challenges UA managers face, and how Adjust can help

How every UA strategy is structured ultimately depends on your app, your resources and your KPIs. For example, have you considered the benefits of a soft launch campaign? How about the power of persuasive messaging and incentivization? Throughout our guide, we cover these topics to ensure you have essential UA strategies at your disposal.

We’ve also shared three challenges facing UA managers in today’s market: a lack of unified reporting, automation and ad fraud. This can help you side-step some of the industry’s most common issues and highlight where you need to tread with caution.

With our new Paid User Acquisition handbook, you have everything you need to move forward with your UA strategy. Download the guide today to get started.

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