Blog Announcing the Facebook Marketing Partners program

Announcing the Facebook Marketing Partners program

Facebook® today announced the new Facebook Marketing Partners program, replacing the previous set of Facebook Preferred Marketing Developers and Mobile Measurement Partners. Within the restructured program, adjust is a badged Facebook Marketing Partner with a Measurement specialty.


adjust will continue to access and analyze your Facebook campaigns, and these will be available in your dashboard as they have been before. adjust continues to provide insight into how your audience engages and interacts with your content, allowing you to segment your audience down to each Ad you are running on Facebook.

Don’t forget that we can also provide extensive in-app event data to Facebook as well, allowing you to enrich your campaigns with deeper targeting options, as well as re-engagement techniques - all to help you and your customers.

Check it all out in our guide to Facebook Mobile Measurement.

Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.

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