Blog Announcing the Fraud Prevention Suite

Announcing the Fraud Prevention Suite

Today, we’re announcing the Fraud Prevention Suite. This is a major addition to our product and the first ever set of filters that automatically prevent mobile ad fraud as it happens, long before faked conversions turn into a liability for you.

Fraud in this context refers to fake conversions, spoofed by illegitimate publishers looking to claim CPI payouts for traffic that never existed. Faked conversions isn’t just a financial liability, but also corrupts your dataset - skewing ROI calculations and shaking your trust in your optimization work.

The Fraud Prevention Suite currently consists of three components:

  • Anonymous IP Filtering, which rejects any claims for traffic coming out of data centers or VPN endpoints;
  • Purchase Verification, the synchronous way (and thus only truly accurate way) to check each purchase for legitimacy;
  • and Distribution Modeling, which looks at the big picture to identify distribution patterns associated with click spam.

All of these serve to clean up your data set and prevent illegitimate payout claims.

You can read the full picture on the new section of our site dedicated to Fraud Prevention. If you have any further questions, feel free to get in touch with our team.

And to learn more about why exactly you might need the Fraud Prevention Suite, have a read through our mobile fraud guide - where we go through the most common types of fraud, how they affect your campaigns, and what we're doing to fight them.

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