Blog Announcing Adjust's new partnership program

Announcing Adjust's new partnership program

We’re excited to launch a new program: The Adjust Solutions Partner Program. Our group establishes an accessible way to educate and empower our agency partners on mobile attribution, Adjust, and on the challenges we face in the mobile industry.

Our ultimate aim is to help agencies develop specific expertise in mobile attribution and analytics, all while receiving dedicated support from Adjust’s partnership team.

The program (at release) is made up of three major units:

  • Attribution basics
  • Adjust’s dashboard
  • Mobile ad fraud

And that’s just for now - we’ll be introducing more units throughout 2018 and beyond.

Our education team was fundamental in creating this new initiative. Head of Education Louie Moore said, "Getting to grips with the Mobile Ecosystem can at times be overwhelming, particularly as it moves at such a fast pace. With this in mind, we decided to create an online learning tool, giving Partners the opportunity to take interactive courses and become experts in mobile. We have big plans for the development of this project and we’re extremely excited for the release!"

Our Head of Partnerships Leopoldo Bianchi had this to add, “I’m very excited for the launch of our Solutions Partners program. Partnerships are at the cornerstone of everything we do at Adjust, and we look forward to working and supporting our new and future Solutions Partners to better enable them to provide a unique expertise to their clients.”

Want to get your agency involved? Apply here to join the program and become an Adjust Solutions Partner today.

Launch partners

We’re proud to announce our first launch partners, a set of companies who have all proved to own and offer strong expertise in the mobile app space, and who have a full knowledge of the Adjust platform: Appness, Zorka.Mobi, Plan B Media, Sabacell and Appyness.

Glenn Roberts

We are proud to be one of the first launch partners of the Adjust Solutions Partner Program. We’ve evaluated many different mobile attribution platforms for our clients, and Adjust excels from a performance and support standpoint. All of our clients currently utilize Adjust for attribution and constantly give praise about the reliability and ease of integration of the platform.

Jane Artemova

We are very excited to become a member of the Adjust Partner Program. To get through the certification was an interesting and challenging process. At Appness we find it very important to know our strengths and weaknesses, so we succesfully proved our expertise in mobile marketing space by passing a range of well thought out tests. We are happy to ramp up our fruitful collaboration with Adjust, no doubts it will open a lot of new opportunities for either party.

Hamid Mojahedniya

Two years ago, SabaCell was the first company to offer digital performance marketing services in Iran. Looking for a reliable and state-of-the-art app tracking solution, we met the Adjust team in MWC 2015 and our partnership has rapidly grown ever since. Adjust's technology and great support has been instrumental for us to offer the best performance marketing solution to Iran's rapidly evolving digital ecosystem and to our position as the market leader.

Dmitry Hudoy

I’d like to thank Adjust for this unique opportunity! Besides gaining new knowledge, we had a great time team-building while working on your tests. I can definitely say that in terms of understanding Adjust’s ecosystem this is a great program to take part in! Now we can provide our clients with even more profound expertise in Adjust's product and solve issues better and faster!

Cemil Toksoz

At PlanB media, we have endless enthusiasm for app tracking and digital marketing. As mobile became our clients' first priority, we choose to partner with the best tool in the market. In Adjust we trust!

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