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Our annual App Zombies report is now complete and ready for you to download. Inside, you’ll find the latest App Store Zombie Rates both globally and per locale, as well as some new thoughts on the cause of the App Zombie uprising. Do you want to know all the facts from our Zombie research? You’re just a click away from finding out more.

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If you’ve been left scratching your head over what App Zombies are, here’s a quick primer: Zombies are unloved apps that can’t be found organically on the App Store. This is because Zombies don’t rank on a single one of the many thousands of lists on the App Store, anywhere in the world. While there are many reasons for this phenomenon (which we explore in much more detail in our report) it’s normally due to a combination of low app quality, ineffective marketing, and high levels of competition. Whatever the cause, these unranked and undead applications litter the store, and with rates ever-increasing, the App Store is becoming filled with Zombies.

Our report samples data all the way back from 2013, and you can review our findings even as far as 2012 to discover how things have changed over time. We also cover developments in local markets, with a focus on the Indonesian app market, as well as South Korea and China.

There’s not much more to say without spoiling the entire report, so get downloading. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook.

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