Blog 578,000 new apps predicted to enter Apple App Store

578,000 new apps predicted to enter Apple App Store

Competition is tough with more than 578 thousand new apps predicted to enter the Apple App Store by July 2015.

Currently, there are 1,252,777 apps available in the App Store, and as many as 60 thousand apps are typically added every month. Although there was a significant increase in the number of iPhone apps releases in March 2014, doubling that of the previous month, the number of iPad-only apps decreased over the past year, indicating increased simultaneous multi-platform launches.

In 2013, 453,902 new apps were released in the Apple App Store, exceeding adjust’s prediction of over 435,100 new apps by 4 percent. Almost 15 percent of apps in the store were removed during the year, which adjust labels as “Dead Apps”, due to violating App Store terms and conditions or voluntarily pulled down by developers, leaving 396,341 available apps with a release date in 2013.

App discovery is still a primary issue for developers as the number of Zombie Apps have steadily increased, and last month only one fifth of apps were sufficiently visible. There were 79.6% Zombies Apps in June 2014 (953,387 apps out of 1,197,087) compared with 70.4% of 884,917 apps in June 2013 and 75.2% of 1,020,604 in December 2013.

“As the App Store and the apps within it mature, more than ever it becomes essential for marketers to look at new techniques to re-engage existing users and get ROI. The report that we’ve released shows the development of the App Store and highlights the critical need for marketers to engage key audiences for ensuring the longevity and visibility of their app,” said Christian Henschel, CEO and co-founder of Adjust.

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