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We’re pleased to build on our integration with Apple Search Ads by being named as an Apple Search Ads Partner.

This status lets us offer our clients new levels of service, providing better support for tracking the performance of Apple Search Ads campaigns.

Our partnership also furthers Adjust's cooperation with the Apple Search Ads team, allowing us to discover and develop more innovations together in the future.

"Apple Search Ads has been a highly popular channel for Adjust clients since it was first released," said Reggie Singh, Adjust's Head of Global Partnerships. "We're really looking forward to working with Apple Search Ads in the future. As a fully recognized Apple Search Ads Partner, we're excited to collaborate on some great new ideas."

What is Apple Search Ads?

Apple Search Ads is “an efficient and easy way to help people discover your app on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.” Placed on the App Store, these ads are a way to boost discovery for advertisers looking to extend their reach.

The platform boasts impressive reach. 70% of App Store traffic is made through searches, and 65% of downloads occur immediately after a search - as such, focusing on this traffic could mean a big impact on your conversion rate, which averages at 50% according to Apple Search Ads. Our clients like working with the platform too, having been embraced by developers and marketers alike to increase their app's exposure in one of the prime placements found in the app ecosystem.

What does an Apple Search Ads partnership mean?

With Adjust's integration, advertisers are able to measure the effectiveness of their Apple Search Ads account on Adjust's dashboard. This means that any campaigns running on Apple Search Ads will appear as soon as users start converting. Furthermore, clients are able to see how many users installed their app and their post-install engagement.

Users who click on an ad from Apple Search Ads and go on to install the app will be attributed to the individual campaign and keyword they were searching for. Any in-app events that these users trigger will also be summarized for each campaign.

Callbacks are fully available, and by receiving raw data, clients will get more information on whether the app has been re-installed, or downloaded for the first time.

Apple Search Ads Partners do not receive special access to Apple Search Ad’s API, and there is no exclusive data from the partnership.

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