Marne Litfin

Product Content Strategist,

Marne is a Product Content Strategist at Adjust. A New Yorker at-large and Berliner since 2010, Marne is a former SEO analyst and freelance translator. Prior to entering the startup world, Marne was a farmhand and once worked on a barge in the Hauraki Gulf, harvesting mussels.

Who does the buying and the selling of mobile ads? How are prices structured? And how do you structure your KPIs to align with your marketing budget? Today we’ll take you through the economics of mobile marketing.

Rewarded video advertising has produced huge benefits for mobile games . With user sessions increasing up to 34% after engaging with a single rewarded ad and 85% video completion rates, the technology is poised to disrupt advertising models in non-gaming verticals on all platforms.

Our Head of Product Marketing, Stephanie Pilon, spoke to Markus Weichselbaum, CEO, and Pokin Yeung, Director of Marketing, about how Tap Slots evaluates the success of its creative assets and how they optimize their user acquisition campaigns together with Adjust and marketing partner Liniad...

After we sold out in Berlin, we're at it again: Mobile Spree San Francisco 17 will be here on October 12th. Want to meet four more of our keynote speakers? Click here to read more.

As we’ve made the transition from desktop computers to mobile phones, ridesharing companies have had to adapt. BlaBlaCar is an intercity ride sharing app with over 12M travelers per quarter in 22 countries around the world - here's how they did it.

We designed Audience Builder as a marketing segmentation tool to help apps with retargeting, but our clients have taken ownership of the feature and made it their own. Today we want to show you how they’re using it.

What happens when you release a game in the App Store and… it flops? Not much, right? You put your tail between your legs, lick your wounds and soldier on. But what if you’re a gaming giant and your release doesn’t live up to expectations?

Take a look at how to customize your attribution window and inactivity window settings for individualized, granular re-engagement campaigns.

Berlin’s Mobile Spree 2017 featured a combined 25 speakers, panel discussions, and workshops; today we’re taking a look back at one of our favorite talks with Phiture’s Founder and Partner, Andy Carvell. Andy focused on the creation of impactful push notifications, answering questions like ‘how do you focus on the kinds of messages that are likely to have the greatest impact?’ His talk came with a simple but memorable takeaway: better have something interesting to say.

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