Marne Litfin

Product Content Strategist,

Marne is a Product Content Strategist at Adjust. A New Yorker at-large and Berliner since 2010, Marne is a former SEO analyst and freelance translator. Prior to entering the startup world, Marne was a farmhand and once worked on a barge in the Hauraki Gulf, harvesting mussels.

Last week, Adjust’s Director of Product, Katie Hutcherson, sat down for a chat with Criteo’s Director of Global Mobile Partnerships, Lucy Rogers, to talk retargeting, re-engagement, and the future of mobile marketing...

Marketers are oftentimes incentivized to let fraud happen. What is Adjust doing to stop it? Read on...

Missed out on Mobile Spree 17? We're releasing some of the talks from the big day here. First up is Paul Malicki, CEO of Flapper, and his speech on reaching users in emerging markets.

Attribution is how marketers understand the journey you take to arrive in their app and what you do once you’ve landed there. Today we’ll explain how mobile attribution works from a technical standpoint. Are you a mobile marketing beginner? Welcome!

How do you launch an app in a country you’ve never set foot in? There’s a flurry of questions to answer at the outset - which parts of your mobile ad campaign do you localize for a given market? How do you optimize for the App Store? Are there benchmarks you can expect for a given market? We recently spoke with Grégoire Mercier, the CEO of ROI-focused mobile agency Addict Mobile to discuss how to launch apps in Western countries.

At Mobile Spree 2017, Adjust’s CTO and Co-founder Paul H. Müller announced that Audience Builder, our new segmentation and retargeting tool, will be free to all of our clients from June 15th until the end of September of this year...

Training all of Adjust's employees and keeping them up todate with every product release is a massive undertaking. Today we're talking to the woman in charge of internal education, Louie Moore.

No sponsors, no sales pitches, no booths, just 200 mobile marketers rolling up their sleeves and getting down to work. Add in one of Berlin’s finest locations - complete with a Victorian-era pool underfoot - and that was Mobile Spree 2017

Of all the hours that people spend on their mobile phones per day, over 90 percent of that time is spent in apps. For app marketers, this represents a massive increase in the amount of data available about user behavior. One of Adjust’s integration engineers, Rina Matsumoto recently sat down with Maurice Tasker, Global Head of Performance Optimization at Vungle - the leading in-app video platform for performance marketers - to talk about how to leverage all of that data.

Did you know that Adjust is integrated with over 900 partners? Our chat with Yahoo Gemini is all about how you can utilize your partner integrations to make smart, data-based decisions and get the most out of your campaigns.