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Learn from the pros with the Best of Mobile

Best of Mobile is Adjust’s dedicated knowledge hub, bringing together the best talks from our flagship Mobile Spree conference to make it easier for marketers and app developers to stay on top of their game.

Best of Mobile boasts a carefully curated selection of insightful videos showcasing the very best in mobile marketing. Once every two weeks you will receive access to a hand-selected, digestible talk diving into a topic tailored to your interests.

Mobile Spree is the best place to discover what’s going on in the app industry. It’s a standout event packed with panels, keynotes and networking.

Our intention with Spree was to create an event to better prepare marketers to face the challenges and grasp the opportunities that come their way. In an industry marked by rapid change, we’re proud that Spree has turned into a must-attend event for many of our guests. The agenda is always driven by the experts who join us on stage, and who bring with them experiences from every vertical - from gaming to banking, e-commerce to travel.

But even if you’ve missed our previous events, all this wisdom doesn’t stay locked away at the conference.

In Best of Mobile, experts from Reddit, Rocket Internet, Yelp — and many more — cover everything you need to know to make your mark. Deepen your knowledge on incrementality, learn strategies to manage retention, and hear best practices for global expansion.

After you sign up, over the next few weeks we’ll be sending you our top picks of expert talks from previous Mobile Spree conferences. Each video is specifically tailored to your interests, meaning you get all the information you need, exactly how you want it.

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