Blog CAAF roundup May 2019: Welcoming two new members

CAAF roundup May 2019: Welcoming two new members

Mobile fraud stands as the biggest threat to app marketing success, running rampant without strong opposition to stop it. The Coalition Against Ad Fraud (CAAF), kick-started by Adjust, stands as a group that actively fights fraud by sharing knowledge and technologies, uniting the ecosystem against mobile ad fraud.

Since it was founded, members have worked together to agree on upholding a specific set of standards contained in CAAF’s Guide to Fraud. CAAF is made up of 26 attribution vendors, major mobile ad networks and other key stakeholders in the industry who have all come to the same conclusion: there’s no room for fraud in mobile marketing.

As of May 2019, two new members have joined the Coalition. Mobrand and CrossInstall stand for a fraud-free mobile ecosystem, and have agreed to share technologies and knowledge on how to fight the threat. Let’s see what they had to say.

Rui Mateus

Mobrand has been working hard for the past four years to develop the technology that enables us to increase the transparency of our services and fight against one of the biggest challenges that our industry is facing: ad-fraud. Becoming a member of Adjust's CAAF is another step in the direction of a more transparent and fair market where advertisers can get real value from the media investment made and publishers are able to capture a fair share of that value. By becoming an Adjust's CAAF member, Mobrand is committed to sharing insights we have been gathering over the years and actively contributing to the adoption of the best practices and standards when it comes to fraud detection and prevention.

Jeff Marshall

Mobile fraud is a pressing issue which requires the entire industry to collaborate and strategize on how to combat it — sooner rather than later. That's why we are excited to be joining CAAF as part of our ongoing efforts to combat mobile ad fraud. As mechanisms for ad fraud continue to grow as quickly as new ad types and platforms, industry-wide commitment becomes imperative to preserve advertiser safety and the sanctity and credibility of our day-to-day ecosystem.

Advertisers are welcome to join the CAAF

We opened up the Coalition to advertisers in October, allowing more voices to join the mix calling for action on fraud in the industry.

For more details, click here to be taken to our dedicated CAAF page, and contact us if you’d like to consider joining. We’d be pleased to have you!

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