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After we sold out in Berlin, we're at it again: Mobile Spree San Francisco 17 will be here on October 12th. Want to meet four more of our keynote speakers? Click here to read more.

As part of our five-year anniversary celebrations we talked with many Adjusters about their time growing in the company. One of those people was Katie Madding. Katie's been with Adjust for three years - and over time she has grown from Account Manager to Director of Product.

Project Think Tank brings together some of the brightest minds in mobile across a variety of different verticals to tackle problems and discuss potential features.

Milica Kadic moved up the career ladder from front-end developer to team-lead, all with a newborn baby in the middle. In this employee story we find out a little more about how expectations of motherhood and maternity leave manage to work with, not against, career growth at Adjust.

With the launch of our latest feature, Campaign Wizard, we experimented with a new approach to product creation. Known as ‘Feature Groups’, a task force made up of individuals from around the company was created to help guide the product, from initial brief to launch. To find out how they work, and what this meant for the development of Campaign Wizard, we spoke to Hector Satre, our VP of Product, to find out more about the product, and the team who helped shape it.

You're not getting LTV right.​

At Mobile Spree 2017, Adjust’s CTO and Co-founder Paul H. Müller announced that Audience Builder, our new segmentation and retargeting tool, will be free to all of our clients from June 15th until the end of September of this year...

No sponsors, no sales pitches, no booths, just 200 mobile marketers rolling up their sleeves and getting down to work. Add in one of Berlin’s finest locations - complete with a Victorian-era pool underfoot - and that was Mobile Spree 2017

As of this May, Adjust supports native measurement in China. We're providing fast, reliable tech with built-in tools to make the transition to China seamless for app marketers around the world.