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It’s official: Adjust’s API for transparent ad spend data is here.

The agenda for Mobile Spree San Francisco is all set! Find out more about the workshops, keynotes, and panel presentations at this year's conference for mobile marketers at the Terra Gallery in San Francisco on October 12th.

Mobile Spree - the conference for app marketers - is coming soon to San Francisco and we've got a big announcement to make that will change the flow of information in the mobile ecosystem as we know it...

We’re continuing to take the fight to mobile ad fraud with a new anti-fraud alliance known as the Coalition Against Ad Fraud, or CAAF.

With just four weeks to go until Mobile Spree San Francisco, we’re busy putting the final bells and whistles on all of our plans for the big day. This year there are seven workshops at Mobile Spree SF. Find out more about them here...

Thinking about attending Mobile Spree? We think you should. Here are a few reasons why...

The current mobile ecosystem doesn’t allow marketers to easily track accurate ad spend. How can we fix that? Here's what we learned by holding two more Think Tanks with global mobile leaders.

After we sold out in Berlin, we're at it again: Mobile Spree San Francisco 17 will be here on October 12th. Want to meet four more of our keynote speakers? Click here to read more.

As part of our five-year anniversary celebrations we talked with many Adjusters about their time growing in the company. One of those people was Katie Madding. Katie's been with Adjust for three years - and over time she has grown from Account Manager to Director of Product.