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At Mobile Spree 2017, Adjust’s CTO and Co-founder Paul H. Müller announced that Audience Builder, our new segmentation and retargeting tool, will be free to all of our clients from June 15th until the end of September of this year...

No sponsors, no sales pitches, no booths, just 200 mobile marketers rolling up their sleeves and getting down to work. Add in one of Berlin’s finest locations - complete with a Victorian-era pool underfoot - and that was Mobile Spree 2017

As of this May, Adjust supports native measurement in China. We're providing fast, reliable tech with built-in tools to make the transition to China seamless for app marketers around the world.

What turns a good mobile marketing blog into a great one? It's a question we've been asking for months throughout the design of what you now see.

Mobile Spree 2017 in Berlin is just about a month away now, taking place at the Stadtbad Oderberg on June 1st.

As the first international measurement platform, Adjust now supports native measurement in China.

Simon Kendall, our Head of Communications, originally started out as an intern. Today his role involves developing the way the company communicates to customers and the media, organizing our Mobile Spree conference and touching every aspect of marketing at Adjust. We asked him to tell us the story of how he found Adjust and grew into his current role.

Jovica Ilic, one of our sys admins, came to Berlin from Serbia in 2014. Today his role includes keeping our complete infrastructure up-and-running smoothly. We asked him to tell us the story of how he came to work at Adjust.

Over at Pinterest, the app install ad product Promoted App Pins are becoming available to all marketers today.