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Our annual App Zombies report is now complete, and ready to download. You're just a click away from a fresh, unzombified PDF.

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Since the release of our Fraud Prevention Suite on February 17th, we’ve seen big elevation in fraud-oriented discussions.

What does this anomaly look like, and how can those of us involved in attribution beat it together?

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Sometime early last year, I realized Easy Taxi required a fundamentally different approach to performance marketing. Since its inception in 2011, Easy Taxi has scaled from a tiny idea conceived at Startup Weekend Rio to a major player in 30 countries and 420 cities. Based out of Sao Paolo, Brazil, we’re the world’s most-downloaded taxi app with offices all over the world – but achieving this was no small feat, and would have been impossible without a marketing approach that could evolve alongside our business. What was always seen as merely a way to drive app install traffic now had to develop into a more sophisticated part of our international marketing universe, with a clear strategy and defined place within the company.

We recently found that users spend up to 10 times as much time in games than in apps from verticals. Reason enough for us to give the Games vertical a detailed look.