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Client stories: How Wafer used Adjust to diversify their user acquisition gameplan

Adjust’s clients are a diverse bunch, coming from every corner of the App Store – across verticals, locations, and operating systems – in all shapes and sizes. Wafer is a messaging app that describes itself as a ‘David in a world of Goliaths’; their official release date on iOS and Android was September 13th, 2017.

We talked to Rob Llanes, Wafer’s Chief Operating Officer, about how they use Adjust to expand their acquisition efforts, track the user journey, and deploy a powerful referral program to continue strengthening their user base.

In your own words, can you tell us what Wafer does?

Rob: Wafer is a mobile messaging app that offers endless creativity and limitless reach. Our users can combine up to 6 different media (sketch, text, stickers, photo, audio, video) in a single message and share them anywhere they like outside of the platform, within groups or one-on-one. Wafer users can chat and initiate free calls with all their contacts, even those that do not have Wafer, with their first message or call. Wafer is open to connecting anyone - and lets you reach your friends regardless of their current installed application set.

It’s super interesting that you don’t force people to download anything.

Rob: Yes! We want to give people tools, and we give them flexibility. We didn’t want to limit anyone. We thought the most powerful thing you could have as a messaging app is a wide network. We think the most powerful messaging app is the one that will let you connect with anyone, no matter their chosen messaging app.

What’s on the horizon for Wafer?

Rob: Most recently we added a new feature called Wafer Free Call, which allows our users to VoIP call anyone of their contacts for free. Our VoIP call quality is industry leading: up to 11 times better than a regular landline phone call.

We’re continuously striving to make Wafer better through regular updates. We also have some very exciting new features we will be releasing soon. The particulars of those updates are in stealth mode at the moment - more details on those features coming in weeks to come.

What types of mobile partners do you work with for your ad campaigns?

Rob: We do a lot of testing and we are constantly changing our marketing channels. We do PR, website, social media, Facebook, etc. We use other networks as well, but it took some trial and error to get there. We’re happy with the mix we have at the moment - we’re getting good installs with users who want to try us out. This will change, so we will continue using Adjust to help us continue adjusting (no pun intended) our campaign strategies.

How did Adjust help you during the trial and error phase?

Rob: In the very beginning, we had to figure out where our users were coming from. Were they coming from Android or from iOS? Which geographic locations were they coming from? Which users are the most obtainable? Adjust was instrumental in helping us figure out where we needed to focus.

With Adjust we could also see big differences in the quality of users depending on which partner they’ve come from. We can track the uplift of the ‘limitless reach’ messages our users send (so when they send a link out to a friend who doesn’t have Wafer installed). Another thing we’re able to do now is find windows of opportunity very quickly for our UA campaigns - we’ll find an opening somewhere, whether it’s a network with a special offer or a great place for PR - Adjust is a good tool for us to find and use opportunities to the fullest, for as long as possible.

Rob Llanes

Chief Operating Officer, Wafer

Which tools are most helpful for user acquisition at Wafer?

Rob: We use a few different things. We use Facebook modules, of course. We also use the Campaign Wizard tool to manage our tracker URLs. We can see when someone sends a limitless reach message to someone who isn’t on our platform; our next step is to start measuring our performance at the user level.

We’re also using Adjust to track re-installs within a seven-day period; we’re able to do that because our registration process involves adding a phone number. By tracking this data point, we’re able to make sure that we don’t accidentally double count anyone.

For the future, we’re trying to think of valuable, smart notifications that make people want to engage with our app; we’re figuring out how important that is. You don’t get that loop of re-usage if you can’t start those kinds of conversations, so we want to help get more conversations started and get our users to keep crossing that bridge.

How has Adjust offered Wafer support since your launch?

Rob: The last time I needed help, I talked to a great guy at Adjust who met with me and was very helpful. It didn’t take a lot of time, but it was really great to have someone call and support me like that. He was awesome.

Saving money and being able to allocate our funds toward stuff that’s working – that was our biggest hope for Adjust.

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