Blog COVID-19: An update from Adjust

COVID-19: An update from Adjust

In light of the rapidly evolving circumstances with COVID-19, we at Adjust are doing all we can to protect employees and play a part in mitigating the risk for everyone around us. Our teams in APAC have been working remotely for several weeks now, starting with the China office towards the end of January, and followed by Japan, Korea and Singapore. Since last Tuesday, all employees in other offices have been instructed to work remotely.

The good news is that remote work is nothing new for us. It has been a longstanding part of company culture, and means that from one day to the next, employees were fully prepared to spend the next few weeks at home. This gives us some stability and familiarity given the current uncharted territory. We are also doing all it takes to make it easier for our employees to work from home over the coming weeks, offering a budget of up to 500 euros for any materials they might need.

I’d also like to reassure our clients that we are committed to providing the same quality of support and service as usual. We have already seen this from our China team, and judging by how well our other teams have adjusted to working remotely, clients from around the world can rest assured that our operations will continue as normal throughout the next weeks and months. Although we could not have predicted the current circumstances, our commitment to growing Adjust in a fiscally sustainable and responsible way means we are confident these months will have minimal long-term ramifications on the company.

This is a tough time for everyone. I am super proud of our team for how they have handled the situation so far, and know that we will make it through the other side. Stay safe and healthy, and we look forward to staying connected over the coming weeks as we navigate the changing circumstances!

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