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Do apps feel the love on Valentine’s Day?

Apps have fundamentally changed the way we think about — and find — the perfect partner. In 2019, a study by Stanford University found that 39% of couples had met online, beating the next best — through friends — by 19%. For a service that only took off with the rise of smartphones in 2012, the convenience and choice offered by dating apps have given rise to more connections than ever before.

With Valentine’s on the minds of app users, many might be thinking a little more eagerly about how to get their next date. But the holiday isn’t just about Dating apps. Planning for February 14th — from what gifts to buy to how to get to and from your restaurant of choice — are all increasingly handled by a handheld device. It makes good business sense for app marketers to optimize campaigns to cash in on heightened interest and activity around Valentine’s Day. If you’re on the fence this year, we have the data that should convince you to plan for the next one.

Frisky business

The chart above highlights the significant increase in activity on Valentine’s Day, comparing sessions that occurred on Valentine’s Day to the monthly average. It reveals an 11% increase in in-app activity across all verticals. Entertainment saw the biggest increase (24%), a jump driven by a rise in the number of streaming shows and enjoying music on a date-night (if they have one) or a quiet night at home (if they don’t). Valentine’s Day also impacts consumer usage of food ordering apps. Our data shows Food and Drink app sessions increased by 20% as users ordered food home to make the evening special. Social apps, which included messaging as well as dating, also saw a bump too, with 16% more sessions.

How a marketer says "I love you"

The takeaway? Show your customers some love, too. According to Jacinta Mathis, Sr. Director of Growth, Services at KeyMe, “Growth comes from the genuine investment we give to that relationship, our products, and our partners.” In her blog on Mobile Growth Summit, Jacinta walked through the five love languages you can apply to your users, from adding “words of affirmation,” such as thanking users for their order, to rewarding users for their continued use.

Like any relationship, it’s important not to be too overbearing (after all, it’s much easier to uninstall an annoying app than call off a needy relationship) but following the same building blocks of respect and genuine interest in your users can help your app go the distance and build long-lasting relationships.

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