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Actions speak louder than words.

We were all moved by the images of the refugees’ struggle all over Europe. So we decided to make a humble contribution and donate 10 thousand euros worth of smartphones to the refugees’ shelter in Berlin-Lichtenberg, Germany.

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We worked with a shelter in Karlshorst, on the eastern outskirts of Berlin, where 900 refugees of 21 nationalities are housed in a former Deutsche Telekom office block. A third of the refugees at this shelter are children.

Smartphones have proven to be invaluable for refugees, but not every refugee has access to one. We can help them connect with their relatives and loved ones in their home countries.

At adjust, this was a collective effort from the founders and employees to show solidarity with the refugees. Having over 20 different nationalities in our staff ourself, we believe that German economy can only flourish from this diversity.

We know it’s a long-term view, but we think that it is our responsibility as a company to set an example for others. Especially for startups that might not have the funds to donate, but have the right resources to help. Whether it is by developing apps to assist the integration in society or offering support in infrastructure and volunteering. Every startup can help, no matter how big it is.

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