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From Intern to Head of Communications: Simon’s Five Years at Adjust

Simon Kendall, our Head of Communications, originally started out as an intern. Today his role involves developing the way the company communicates to customers and the media, organizing our Mobile Spree conference and touching every aspect of marketing at Adjust. We asked him to tell us the story of how he found Adjust and grew into his current role.

Why did you want to work at Adjust?

I was tired of my telemarketing job at an investment firm in Stockholm, so when the bank laid off the entire department, it was really kind of a relief. I had a summer between terms at university without anything lined up, so I just applied for a bunch of internships. Why did I accept Adjust’s offer? Mostly because the website looked sleek and they paid a a little more than anywhere else.

But when my time was up, I’d had such a great time I couldn’t bear leaving. And I’ve been here ever since.

What has your career path been like here?

As the company evolved, I’ve had the opportunity to shift around to work on different things. Early on, I helped out where I could – forecasts, presentations, some accounting. Then I shifted to the engineering team to help support our partners and clients with integrations, which led to speaking at conferences or in the media about app marketing and analytics.

Eventually, I took the leap full-time into marketing, initially working on a bit of everything; growing the team and developing our approaches. As we grew, I increasingly specialized in media relations and communications.

How is Adjust different from other companies?

I feel like work and life aren’t in conflict at Adjust. Sure, over the years there’s been the occasional crunch time. But taking the time to see my family in Sweden, continue my studies, travel or visit friends has never been a problem here. I hear my friends strategize about vacation days and negotiate exceptions to rules or policies. To me, it’s always seemed intuitive – if we get the job done, why make things complicated? That way, the company has been a tremendous platform to learn new things professionally and personally.

How have you added to Adjust’s office culture in your own way?

In one of the Berlin meeting rooms, we have a picture of the Onion Man – a very happy English farmer holding up a world-record-sized onion, almost the same size as the man himself, with an equally large, proud smile on his face. He’s always appealed to me! Here’s someone working toward a goal that most of us wouldn’t really get, working to be the best in the world at something with entirely intrinsic motivation. In a quirky way, that’s pretty inspiring.

The picture of the Onion Man has been a controversial choice of decoration for HQ. I’ll defend him any day.

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