Blog Cultural targeting and expansion strategies: Erdem Inan speaks at Mobile Spree 2016

Cultural targeting and expansion strategies: Erdem Inan speaks at Mobile Spree 2016

Taking place on June 2, 2016, industry experts, influencers and mobile marketers flocked in equal measure to the inaugural edition of Mobile Spree, hosted by Adjust. This video series relives the talks and recaps some of the key take-aways from the event.

First speaker of the day Erdem Inan from Peak Games is a major advocate of narrowing your focus when marketing games apps: “If you focus on one market only, then you learn about customers and their expectations and can better manage CPC campaigns where you need to react very fast.”

He went over the specifics of their strategy in the US among different genres. Interestingly, he shared that cultural aspects should not be neglected when it comes to developing and marketing gaming apps: “Visuals are super cultural. They’re not the same for a US user as they are for a European user.”

Key take-aways

  • Some games fit better with certain cultures/countries - UA visuals should be appropriate to the region/geo.
  • Learning who the real players are might greatly increase your overall effectiveness.
  • No burst campaigns. Focus on the longer term success.

Speaker profile

Erdem Inan is the Director of Marketing & Business Intelligence at Peak Games, where he has been working for over three years. His experience includes global marketing campaigns with many titles on social networks, mobile platforms, and 10+ global game launches in various locales around the world.

Company profile

Founded in 2010 Peak Games is based in Istanbul, Turkey. Peak Games has successfully built a global user base for it’s community-based, multi-player card games as well as innovative casual puzzle games. Over 275 million users globally have installed at least one of its products.

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