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Field Marketing goes remote: How the Adjust team is adapting in the wake of corona

As the name suggests, Field Marketing is all about getting out into the field. Attending conferences, meeting potential clients and customers, and getting the brand and business in front of as many people as possible. It goes without saying that the restrictions in place as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic have turned marketing departments completely on their heads.

As the Adjust Field Marketing teams work from home, it’s been vital to adapt day-to-day practices to meet the needs of life in an almost permanent state of connectivity with more extensive digital touchpoints than ever before. Not only this, but each individual market is different, making the activation and optimization of all available channels to extend our marketing reach critical.

One of the biggest marketing mistakes a company can make is to apply the same strategy across markets. Each market needs to be assessed individually before sending marketers into the field. The approach of adaptation to the new world of COVID-19 has been no exception, as each market presents unique challenges and opportunities.

“We work across a lot of markets, and it’s vital to match local needs. The industry is huge and every market needs an individual strategy.” - Senior Field Marketing Manager China, Elvina Cui

“We look at the channels we have, the ones that can work best, and we find the advantages,” added Eleen Lim, Senior Field Marketing Manager, SEA.

What does a Field Marketer do?

Traditionally considered a one-way communication tool, Field Marketers present the brand and provide valuable information about the product or service. With the primary goal being lead generation, Field Marketing is an extremely valuable tool for businesses getting hands-on in their markets.

“Field Marketing includes everything under the marketing umbrella, everything from PR to events and online, and for each market, it’s about finding the right channels,” explains Maki Iokibe, Senior Field Marketing Manager Japan and Korea.

Eleen added, “We’re generalists, we cross all functions of marketing: We support the sales team to get the most qualified leads possible. From birth to cradle, so to speak, we ensure that all leads are well brought in and converted.”

The world of Webinars - taking conferences and seminars online

As the socially-distanced day-to-day of doing business has moved online, so have the activities of the Adjust Field Marketing team, who have cleverly adapted their approach to focus more on Webinars and content.

“Pre COVID we were busy running events, meeting clients, and traveling throughout our market,” said Eleen, “Now it’s all online, and everyone has moved to the Webinar. Over the past 1-2 months, we’ve done four core joint Webinars with partners, and pushed out a lot more content.”

“I’m releasing twice as much content as before COVID-19, together with Webinars and virtual sessions - Webinars can bring a lot of leads, if the content is right,” added Maki.

Field Marketing in a purely online world is also proving to be more time consuming than the pre-pandemic model.

“To prepare a Webinar takes more time than preparing an event,” explained Maki, “When you create a Webinar, you have to be extra careful with the presentation, because it’s all that people see - you need to do a lot of promotion for it, prepare graphics, copy, and work with different teams. You need to invite guest speakers, do meetings, and rehearsals.”

“We’ve also started to use more media outlets to make announcements - everything from sponsored articles to banner ads.”

Working the super-apps

Within key Asian markets, mastering the marketing approach for “Super-Apps” is a vital part of the local strategy. While LINE in Japan and KaKaoTalk in Korea are valuable, nothing quite compares to the dominance and importance of WeChat in China. A completely centralized app with more than 1 billion monthly users, WeChat offers everything from messaging and social media to payments, bookings, dating, and more.

Senior Field Marketing Manager China, Elvina Cui explains, “In China, if you don’t have any other apps, you can just use WeChat - and if you want to look at any company you’re interested in, you would first check if they have a WeChat account, what kind of content they have, and what their concept is.”

“We’ve just opened an account for Adjust, which is like a mini-website. This is where we can deliver all of our content. From blog posts and press releases to company culture - and even hiring.”

“The next step is creating a mini-program, which is like a mini-app within WeChat. Based on knowledge, it will be a space to collaborate with brand partners. 95% of B2B marketers don’t have WeChat mini-programs, and Adjust will be one of the first.”

Delivering a lot of content is the main focus for 2020, and the mini-program will serve as the platform to deliver original content in Chinese.

Whether reimagining the content strategy or assessing the best possible ways to interact with clients online, the Field Marketing team at Adjust is continuing to develop innovative new approaches to reach customers - and to make strategic sense of the increasingly digitized world of business.

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