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What's the point of ROI? Find out on June 1st

Mobile Spree 2017 in Berlin is just about a month away now, taking place at the Stadtbad Oderberg on June 1st.

The full line-up of over 20 expert speakers from around Europe and beyond has already been announced – from gaming to entertainment, music streaming to e-commerce – talking about ROI, war stories from user acquisition and re-engagement, about segmenting your mobile users and everything else that furrows the brow of the modern mobile marketer. Check out the full agenda at!

We’ve designed this event to be a platform to walk out with new learnings about the best practices (as well as the common pitfalls), whether drawing them from the stage, the lunchtime conversations or the rooftop afterparty!

A highlight is the midday panel hosted by Adjust’s CEO and Co-founder Christian Henschel. To cap off the set of morning talks on the measurement and use of Return on Investment, he’s asking our panelists what’s the return on ROI? Does it always make sense as a metric, and what are the ways to start working with ROI? How can you think about ROI, if you’re not making any money from your app?

We’ve been filling the final speaking slots for the day, and have four more speakers to announce.

Andre recently joined Free2Move as the company’s CMO, coming from Fleek (a Zalando venture). So he brings a range of experience across the verticals onto mobile user acquisition and retention.

At Mobile Spree, we’re talking to Andre about travel apps, targeting the right audience, and converting users in-app once you have them there.

Being our third speaker flying in from Paris, Jeremy is a partner at Senseii Ventures, the co-founder and CEO of Lalalab (previously Polagram), and a business angel at startup community TheFamily.

E-commerce giant Zalando is perhaps one of mobile Europe’s biggest movers & shakers, and Lior Barak works on the marketing analytics side of the company. He’s responsible for tracking costs & performance across channels together with each of the channel managers in the marketing department.

With almost ten years of experience thinking about marketing analytics, Lior is joining us for the panel on ROI at 12:05 on June 1st.

Gessica is the Head of Performance Marketing at Blinkist, coming from Kayak just over a year ago. She’s a seasoned speaker and as a performance marketer, she takes a special interest in the data that powers her profession.

We’ll meet her on stage just after noon on June 1st, debating ROI with Jan Miczaika, Lior Barak, and Jeremy Charoy.

Here’s your chance to meet and learn from all of them

So Mobile Spree 2017 is set to be a gathering of some of the world’s most expert mobile marketers. And the day is totally focused on mobile marketing – not distracted by vendor sponsorships, thinly-veiled sales pitches, or stuffy conference hotels.

Here’s what’s on offer:

  • Highly focused group of 200 mobile marketers from around Europe and beyond;
  • Insights from some of the smartest speakers we know about ROI, intent targeting, re-engagement & retargeting, growth and engagement techniques;
  • Breakfast & lunch at the gorgeous Stadtbad Oderberg;
  • Capping off with an awesome summer’s evening party & dinner on the rooftop of the Armano Grand Hotel.

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