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Get the inside track with Adjust’s Essentials of Remarketing

As a mobile marketer, it’s important to keep at the top of your game. And in today’s market, it is abundantly clear that mobile app retargeting and re-engagement strategies are a key way to maximize your user acquisition budget. It is for this reason that Adjust has launched the Essentials of Remarketing Collection — a one-stop shop for in-depth and expert advice on making the most of your budget.

Each week will see a new hand-picked lesson that will help you understand users at every stage of the funnel, give you tips to keep your users hooked, and even provide some holiday specific retargeting tips. At the end of 10 weeks, you’ll be a master of retargeting.

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Building on the success of our Essentials of Mobile Attribution series, this new retargeting series aims to give you the depth of knowledge necessary to succeed and be confident in your mobile retargeting strategy.

The resources on offer include a webinar with Criteo, expert insight from Adjust’s CTO and co-founder Paul H. Müller and Arun Gupta from Amazon Web Services, case studies on how businesses in the mobile space are leveraging remarketing and plenty of juicy content covering all aspects of mobile retargeting.

We developed this collection to help you become an expert on the basics and best practices that will make you a mobile retargeting wizard. It’s increasingly clear that in order to maximize your user acquisition investments you need a mobile app retargeting and re-engagement strategy to ensure your users don’t churn within days. Sign up to get 10 weekly lessons delivered directly to your inbox.

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