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Going discrepancy-free: Implementing our Ad Spend API with Remerge

As our ad spend initiative expands and we introduce a growing number of partners, we wanted to take an in-depth look at the three different ways you can now receive ad spend data at Adjust. What’s the difference between the three options and what do they mean for your ad spend data in the future? Today we’re talking to Remerge about the work we’ve done together so far, and the benefits of our new Ad Spend API integration.

For many networks, we’re working hard to implement a new API. The Ad Spend API is a discrete, asynchronous, server-to-server API connection between networks and us. Here’s a closer look at what the API provides:

  • Tougher Security: In this pathway, cost data arrives via a secure server-to-server request. The data is not visible in the engagement URL, which makes it impossible for a fraudster to see or alter. For this reason, the API fully removes the need for encryption.

  • 100% Accuracy: The asynchronicity of the API means that we allow networks to send us ad spend data the moment they can confirm the actual cost of the engagement (rather than before the fact). We give networks a seven-day window to send us ad spend data. This extra cushion drastically reduces the amount of discrepancies in your cost data. If it’s impossible to determine the cost immediately upon engagement or if the data must be updated while the campaign runs, it’s not a problem; the Ad Spend API allows for both of those scenarios. Automatic deduplication is one more advantage unique to the Ad Spend API.

  • More Confidence: The auditing process is a key component of our ad spend initiative; networks who sign on must pass a strict audit, during which they send us at least two high-volume/high-value campaigns which run for at least two weeks. We comb through the data ourselves to ensure that each campaign sends the correct cost parameters, with less than five percent discrepancies. Cost data passed via API has a discrepancy rate of 0%.

  • Unmatched Clarity: One of the biggest headaches associated with ad spend data is the lack of standardization. During our Think Tanks, we learned that our clients were wasting people power on the tedious job of combining incoming ad spend data from multiple sources (and multiple formats) into a single file. Besides the wasted money, there was ample room for human error, and frustration that neither the nomenclature or level of granularity for ad spend were standardized across the industry. The new Ad Spend API removes any mapping problems between campaign structure and Adjust’s tracking levels.It’s also possible to take that clarity one step further: with the Ad Spend API, you can track and attribute user-level cost (as well as ROI) for any custom segment you create in our Audience Builder; not only can you control your own retargeting efforts, but you know exactly how they affect your bottom line.

For self-attributing networks (such as Facebook or Snapchat), who perform their own attribution on their traffic (independently of Adjust), we’re working together to integrate their custom reporting APIs. To be clear, just because a network is self-attributing doesn’t mean that we don’t check their work: we compare their data to that of other networks. For every engagement they claim, we verify that it falls within the attribution window designated by the client and choose the best one.

Networks that pass ad spend data on engagement are also eligible to join our initiative. This is not a new way to pass this type of information; it refers to the passing of ad spend data within the URL upon the user’s engagement (an impression or click). However, when cost data appears within the engagement URL, it is both visible and alterable. This makes it less secure than when passed via API. Networks who pass cost on engagement must pass the same strict audit as those who integrate the Ad Spend API.

Remerge goes discrepancy-free and integrates our Ad Spend API

Remerge, the first platform custom-built for app retargeting, recently integrated our Ad Spend API in order to be able to send us CPC information via our secure integration.

Remerge already provided cost data to their customers by passing the information along in the engagement URL, but they took the extra step of integrating the Ad Spend API in order to demonstrate their commitment to transparency, efficiency, and clarity. We spoke to Aoife Cassidy, who manages integrations and partnerships at Remerge, about the what, how, and why of ad spend.

What was the status of cost data at Remerge before our Ad Spend API?

“Remerge has always shared cost data with our clients, however following the integration, they can see this data on their Adjust dashboard - we hope this supports our clients in working more efficiently and effectively!”

Why did Remerge decide to get on board with Adjust’s Ad Spend API?

“One of Remerge’s core values is transparency. Since the beginning of Remerge, we have shared cost data down to the publisher and device ID level. With the rollout of the Adjust Ad Spend API, our clients can now access this data entirely on their Adjust dashboard, which we hope offers them increased efficiency in their busy schedules!

We hope that our support of Adjust in this product feature highlights the importance of transparency to Remerge - by sharing costs we are showing our customers that we are committed to building trusted partnerships based upon measurable value down to the granular level.

Were there any hiccups in the testing phase?

“Remerge is always happy to collaborate with the Adjust tech team! As we were already sharing this data with our clients, the core effort of this product integration was about diligent testing and verification of discrepancy-free sharing of data from the Remerge platform to the Adjust platform.”

We’ll keep you posted with updates as more and more of our network partners finishing their audits and sign on to our ad spend initiative. If you have any partners you’d like to see integrate our Ad Spend API, shout it out to our integration wizards at and we’ll get the ball rolling!

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