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Giving back: Adjust partners with War Child UK to support new game release

We’ve been part of a joint effort led by War Child UK, a charity with a long history of fundraising initiatives in both the entertainment and gaming spaces. The organization recently launched HELP, a new app featuring five brand new games, created collaboratively by a range of different developers, including Wooga, Rovio and Gameloft.

War Child accomplished this by hosting a game jam, giving developers just six days to create a game which could then be featured in HELP. This has some echoes of the past, taking its name from War Child’s The Help Album, released in 1995. The charity album, which included songs from bands such as Blur, Oasis and Radiohead, was created in just six days and managed to reach number one in the charts.

This year, the project focused on mobile. And, for that, the team needed to track performance and measure various key stages of the funnel.

Wooga put us in touch and, within a month, Adjust had provided War Child with exactly what they needed - a fully integrated SDK, and access to the tools that could help make the app even more of a success - all free of charge.

You can find HELP for free on the App Store, with in-app donations that can be made according to how much you want to donate. On the Play Store, the game costs £2.99 in the UK.

All net profits from both formats go straight to War Child UK, supporting its mission to provide assistance to children and young people in areas experiencing conflict and the aftermath of conflict.

You play, so every child can!

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