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Going back to school with Google: Introduction to Universal App campaigns

Get ready to move to the head of the class: it’s time to go back to school with Google!

Back in December, we hosted a webinar together on a topic that’s new to all mobile advertisers: Universal App campaigns (or UAC). Today we’re pleased to tell you about a brand-new interactive education program to help take you through the ins and outs of UAC in even greater detail.

Google’s online course, which launches today, is called Introduction to Universal App campaigns. The course is designed for mobile advertisers everywhere who want to master the new technology and become skilled users of UAC. With a mix of snackable videos and different types of educational activities, the course is structured to appeal to a spectrum of learning styles and needs, including interactive walkthroughs and step-by-step demos. Move through the entire set of materials as you learn:

  • How Universal App campaigns work: dive into how machine learning powers UAC’s algorithm to find new customers that meet your marketing objectives.
  • How to set up Universal App campaigns: you’ll walk through the setup process for different types of marketing goals, including whether you want users to install your app or complete a particular in-app event.
  • How to measure long-term success: by the end of the course, you’ll be able to measure, bid and calculate customer lifetime value with confidence.

UAC helps mobile advertisers reach the most meaningful users according to their campaign goals across Google Play,, YouTube, and countless sites and apps across Google’s Display Network.

We encourage mobile advertisers to learn more about Universal App Campaigns by signing up for Google’s course and checking out our UAC webinar. If you’re still not certain and need a few more reasons to sign up for the course, we’ve got three:

  • You’ll learn from the best: industry experts created this course to educate everyone from app developers to mobile marketers, and it was vetted by the team who built the Universal App campaign.
  • You’ll learn at your own pace: whether you’re on the train or the treadmill, the course is made up of bite-sized three-minute videos you can watch anytime.
  • You’ll practice until you’re perfect: complete interactive activities based on real-life situations, like using UAC to help launch a new app or release an update for your app.

Once you pass the course, you are eligible to receive a certificate of completion. To sign up now, head over here. Keep checking back in for even more educational opportunities from Adjust and Google!

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