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Grabbing attention in under three seconds: A webinar with Snapchat

Snapchat gives advertisers access to a diverse and massive audience, with an even more unique ad format. We recently hosted a webinar where we talked through the details of what this means for mobile-first companies looking to diversify their campaigns. Our friends Samuel Bevan, Snapchat’s Head of Global Online Sales (EMEA) and Karlee Szeliga, Snapchat Business Specialist, sat with Juste Rastenyte, Adjust’s Product Marketing Manager for the chat.

If you’d like to learn more about how to leverage Snapchat’s platform, you can watch the entire webinar with the accompanying slides right here on this page, or head over to our collection of webinars to browse our library of expert advice. Below you’ll also find a short recap of the key takeaways from our session, and what you need to keep in mind as you expand your mobile marketing strategy to include Snapchat.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Snapchat has an enormous audience, with over 191 million DAUs (daily active users), and continues to grow. Says Samuel: “You won’t find a core sense of our audience on any other platform. For instance, in the UK alone, by not being on SnapChat you’re potentially missing out on upwards of 2.7 million users every single day”. Snapchat’s audience is also diverse, not just in terms of geographic region, but also age - over 80% of users are above 18.

  • Their audience is also very engaged – the average user opens the app over 25 times a day – more than once an hour for every hour they’re awake. On average, a user is in the app for about 30 minutes a day. Users under 18 are, on average, in the app for over 40 minutes per day.

  • Snapchat’s targeting options are similar to other platforms. If you want to target based on age, gender, location, or specific audience interest, you can do that. You can partner with Adjust and use your third-party data to target your existing customers, or build a lookalike audience using their custom audience tool. Tracking also works similarly to other platforms - if you work with Adjust, you can instantly integrate and get the data you’re used to, and use Adjust to measure the performance of SnapChat.

  • What makes SnapChat different is their ad unit. It is a full screen, vertical video app. Their ads take up the full screen. Users have the sound on, and that’s something that they’ve really embraced. It’s a different set of terms, and means you need to change up what you do with your creatives.

  • What makes a good Snap ad? Simplicity, with clear messaging. Make it very clear what the app is, what you want the user to do, and what your objective is. Ads are opt-in to view. A user can skip right through if it doesn’t capture their attention, so you want to make it simple for the Snapchatter to choose to watch your ad. Build your top snap for five seconds or less - they can be up to ten seconds long, but they see best performance with Snap ads under five seconds. Within those five seconds, make sure the first two really count. If you’re running an app install campaign to net new users, for example – keep your objective in mind and have your message surround it. If your app is a dating app and you want to acquire new users, your ad might say, ‘I have a date for you, he’s waiting for you on this app, so swipe up now, download the app, and come get your date’.

  • Purposeful sound can make an ad much more impactful. Two-thirds of Snapchat users are browsing content with sound on. Snap recommends having a voice over sound on, encouraging the user to swipe up. Really drive home the call to action; sound makes an ad much more exciting, and the voice tells you exactly what you’ll get if you swipe up. It’s super simple, effective messaging.

  • You don’t need to have a video asset to run Snap ads. You can drive a lot of business results and impact with still image ads, especially if there is clear messaging at the top and a CTA that drives action at the bottom.

  • How do you buy through Snapchat? If you go into, you can get set up and started straight away. It takes a couple of minutes and a credit card. You can also reach out directly.

  • How is Adjust integrated with Snapchat? It’s really important to combine the forces of Adjust and Snapchat together. Snapchat gives you the platform to reach that really unique audience, while Adjust gives you the ability to understand how those users act, what they do, and whether they tend to convert or not. Our integration is quite deep, which is great for you. You don’t need to do too much to get it up and running – it takes two toggles, and we can send your data directly to Snapchat.

  • With Adjust, we can track the entire user journey from seeing your app to your add, to click on it, promoting your ad, to all of the actions a user might take. We enable you to act based on the data and not merely an opinion of when you think something might be working. This lets you take more risks and confidently optimize your campaigns, your target groups, your ad creatives.

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