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Happy Father's Day from the Adjust Team: Lessons from our dads

As much as we love apps, we love our dads’ jokes more. Besides being comedians, dads are one of our pillars of strength, biggest supporters, and lifelong teachers. So, in honor of Father's Day, we asked the Adjust team what the top life lessons they've learned from their fathers are - and (of course) to share which apps their dads use most.

From forwarding news articles via messaging apps, listening to podcasts while out for walks, and watching movies in their free time – our dads are using apps from a huge range of verticals.

Keep reading to discover apps that your dad might like and to hear the lessons they’ve taught us over the years. Maybe they’ll come in handy for you, too!

The apps dads are using most

The most popular vertical amongst Adjust dads is social, with 31% using messaging apps on a regular basis. In second place is productivity and education, at 23% - with audiobooks and podcasts being the top choices within the vertical. And finally, entertainment came in third at 15%, showing that dads also want some downtime.

The best life lessons we've received – and our dads' top apps

Nicholas Leask

Senior Video Production Manager, Adjust

Anne Lukas

Senior Professional Development Manager, Adjust

Ipek Hasturk

Global Content Delivery Manager, Adjust

Oliver Hill

UX Researcher, Adjust

Niall Condon

Content Writer, Adjust

Maki Lokibe

Head of Marketing, Japan, Adjust

Anne Verhoeven

Senior Production Manager, Brand & Creative, Adjust

Mae Mavroudi

Global Head of Events, Adjust

Monaka Nukui

Technical Key Account Manager, Adjust

Bubunyo Nyavor

Backend Developer

Let them know how much you care

While our dads or our beloved father figures deserve to be thanked and appreciated every day of the year, we don't always let them know how much they mean to us. So, on this Father's Day, even if you can't be with them in person, call them, share a playlist with songs that remind you of them, or send a funny joke to let them know just how grateful you are. Happy Father's Day!

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