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Happy Mother’s Day from the Adjust Team: What we’re most grateful for

If there’s one thing the Adjust team loves more than apps, it’s our moms. It’s been a huge year at Adjust, with much to be thankful for - including that we recently joined the AppLovin family. To celebrate Mother’s Day, we asked the team to share what they’re most grateful for and to give us an insight into the types of apps their moms use most often.

From online banking to keeping fit, shopping and gaming, there aren’t many verticals moms aren’t tapping into these days.

Read on to find out what we love about our moms most, and which apps they’re using. You might discover a few ideas worth suggesting to your own mom to make her life on mobile easier, fun and more efficient.

The apps moms are using most

Coming out on top for the Adjust team’s moms is the fintech vertical - 29% said banking and payment apps are those used most often. E-commerce came in second at 24% - so if you’re looking to get a voucher for Mother’s Day, her favorite app could be a safe bet. In third place is productivity, with audiobooks and podcasts cited as popular choices. Gaming and health and fitness are also top choices, with 14% and 10% of our moms using them ‘most often’ respectively.

What we’re grateful for - and our moms’ top picks

Anne Verhoeven

Senior Production Manager, Adjust

Joshua Grandy

Global Communications Manager, Adjust

Lily Hansen

People Experience Manager, Adjust

Liz Kirifidis

Junior Talent Acquisition Manager, Adjust

Kristian Sletthaug

Technical Solutions Specialist, Adjust

Silvia Andriani

Sales Manager Indonesia, Adjust

Emily Cash

Product Marketing Team Lead, Adjust

Nicoline Strom-Jensen

Technical Key Account Manager, Adjust

Connect and show your appreciation

It’s been a tough year, with many of us separated from friends and family. So whether you’re able to celebrate with your mom in person or not, the best way to show your appreciation is to say it - with a phone call, a card, or even via apps! There are many ways to stay connected and show gratitude to your mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

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