Blog How Adjust's Solutions Partner Program empowers top agencies worldwide

How Adjust's Solutions Partner Program empowers top agencies worldwide

Since its launch in 2017, the Adjust Solutions Partner Program (ASPP) — the longest-running partner certification in the mobile measurement space — has been educating and empowering partners on topics around mobile attribution.

In June 2020, the program was relaunched, with a new tier system that better reflected the individual requirements of different partner agencies.

Since June, we’ve welcomed 42 new agencies into the program, with 151 people receiving certification on completion of the course. Of those, 85 completed the Essentials tier and 66 completed the Advanced tier — showing an even spread of requirements and proving the value of the new approach. The ASPP grants access to an online learning portal where partners will have access to detailed courses. All courses include visual elements and the opportunity to test your knowledge for each topic.

We spoke to several agency leaders who have been through the new program to find out what they gained from the experience — and what to expect if you’re interested in becoming agency certified.

Emrah Uluırmak, Managing Partner & COO at Ad Venture Digital

A number of team members from Ad Venture Digital took part in the ASPP, and Emrah found that the level of detail in the program about the moving parts of the ad ecosystem provided a lot of value.

This insight has given Ad Venture Digital a new way of working, which has led to breakthroughs in the kind of strategies they can offer clients.

Emrah Uluırmak

We're [now] better able to monitor the ecosystem, and using mobile application data of an MMP platform like Adjust — which offers unique and in-depth solutions — meant we were able to provide new advertising strategies to our brands. Especially in the e-commerce field, we're able to generate higher revenues through these strategies.

Fouad Saeidi, Founder & CEO at App Growth Network

The ASPP learning portal — and its online resources — was a key benefit for Fouad, whose team at App Growth Network saw the benefit of the interactive learning experience.

Fouad Saeidi

The Adjust Solutions Partner Program was very comprehensive and we had to go through a formal certification program and educational materials to get certified. We are very pleased with the internal resources Adjust has for us to be able to analyze cost data and use it for our media forecasting efforts.

Aslı Şimşek, Managing Director at Unboxed Agency

Aslı found that staying ahead of the curve was a big benefit of completing the Adjust certification — as well as allowing her team to be dynamic when facing into big projects.

Aslı Şimşek

In a sector that is changing rapidly and with clients becoming more technically savvy, the program provided the foundation for our teams to plan and execute custom solutions across a wide spectrum of sectors and platforms. The level of expertise makes it easier to prepare large scale migration projects while maintaining a relatively small footprint in resources and time of deployment.

Christian Rainer, Head of PPC at diva-e

For diva-e, the growth of the mobile marketing industry was the key driver for Christian’s agency to get certification in Adjust solutions.

Christian Rainer

“As mobile and app marketing is playing a more major role in customer journeys and our clients' marketing strategies, having a better idea of the technical background behind a well-founded app tracking helps us to analyze and rate the performance of our campaigns — and provide our clients with more meaningful and impactful insights. This should help us to get more highly satisfied clients.

Paul Tenney, Founder and CEO at Ematic

Ematic were empowered by the ASPP to offer their clients more creative solutions for campaigns, using their detailed knowledge to ensure customers are getting tailored experiences to drive them towards conversion.

Paul Tenney

Knowing how engagements are assigned to their attribution sources will help us to create more custom user experiences using deep links, universal links and push notifications. Overall this program empowers our team to be in a better position to consult and engage our clients.

Vibha Sreenivasan, Senior Manager, Data & Analytics - Digital at Mindshare MENA

The new tier system was especially useful for Vibha at Mindshare, who feels like the extra insights earned through the Advanced course allowed her team to add a lot of value for her clients.

Vibha Sreenivasan

We are not only certified on Essentials, but also Advanced. The program is quite extensive, meaning it covers every detail. This means we can showcase to our clients our in-depth knowledge across each of Adjust’s functionalities. We are now able to offer insights that really dig deeper and help us save our clients’ budgets and focus their investments on the right channels, on the right audiences.

Burak Yurtbak, Director of Performance Marketing at GroupM

For GroupM, the ability to tackle tricky challenges was the biggest takeaway from the ASPP. Burak explains that learning more about the technical side of app marketing allowed him to solve problems for his clients.

Burak Yurtbak

[The] Adjust Solutions Partner Program includes all the aspects of the mobile app ecosystem and before joining the Adjust Solutions Partner Program, we were not 100% sure about integration issues we had with some networks. But after completing the program we know what these issues are — and how we can overcome them.

If you think your agency could benefit from the program, apply here to become an Adjust Solutions Partner today.

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