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A user’s view: How Akbank used Audience Builder to increase the use of personal loans and lower their unit price of sale

Oktay Kalem

Vice President, Digital Marketing and Sales, Akbank

We caught up with Tolga Kuzdere, Performance Marketing Lead at Akbank, Turkey’s leading bank, about his experience working with Adjust. Being one of the early adopters of Audience Builder, we were keen to find out how it’s helped them optimize the performance marketing of the products they offer on mobile.

Stephanie Pilon: Can you tell us a little bit about Akbank? Who do you serve - only Turkey or other regions as well? What kinds of products do you offer? What is your team responsible for?

Tolga Kuzdere: With a strong and extensive domestic distribution network of 840 branches and more than 14,000 employees, Akbank operates from its Head Office in Istanbul and 22 regional directorates across Turkey. In addition to providing services through branches, the Bank’s traditional delivery channel, Akbank also serves more than 15 million customers through the Akbank Direkt Internet Branches, Akbank Direkt Mobile, the Call Center, 4,200 ATMs and more than 460,000 POS terminals as well as other high-tech channels.

Akbank’s Performance Marketing team strives to deliver the right message at the right time to the right customer. Generating new traffic sources, then converting traffic into sales in a profitable way is our primary agenda. Our goal, for any digital marketing channel, is to drive sales and a higher return on ad spend than other media. Generating the exponential function for each product and service, we managed to identify the turning point that maximizes our sales while holding the cost per conversion at the minimum level. Having the ability to segment our customers based on their digital behaviors, we have built over 6000 dynamic lists.

SP: When did Akbank start working with Adjust?

TK: We started working with Adjust back in April 2015. We needed a way to measure our performance channels, especially Facebook, as this is a channel we use a lot. Before Adjust, performance marketing on Facebook didn’t really work because we weren’t tracking it, and we didn’t have any way to deep link users to specific parts of our app, meaning our conversion rates weren’t where they should have been. Also, without access to data, we didn’t have large audience lists to target, because there was no history to look at or segments at all.

Being integrated with Facebook in March 2017 meant that we could track all of our in-app events to a much more granular degree - for example, we could see each stage of a loan application and understand where users dropped from the funnel. We also implemented things like deep links. Since then, we’ve really seen an uptick on conversion vs not having them in place; it’s a much nicer user experience.

We have a pretty serious CRM setup in-house, and we didn’t want our mobile app to be a black box that lived separately from all of our other Akbank products - it needed to intersect with what the online bank and physical bank branches were doing. This included understanding the impact of all our advertising channels beyond mobile, and using data to influence the growth of the products we offer.

Another big benefit of our Adjust integration was the Facebook Partner module - we were able to sync all our event data directly to their platform and start running campaigns immediately. This allowed us to sell a lot more loan products than we had in the past, with a much higher success rate.

As marketers, we know there’s always room for improvement, to optimize the targeting even more. One thing we wanted to do was make sure that the users we were targeting with our products could actually use them. An example of this is our personal loan product - there’s no sense in targeting a user who would never qualify.

Serhat Yildirim

Head of Digital Banking Division, Akbank

SP: How did your targeting change when you started working with Audience Builder?

TK: One example is with our personal loan products. Audience Builder gave us an extra layer of segmentation. We have our own internal definition of what qualifies as an active user - for us it’s a user who’s had a session in the last three months. And because we’re measuring each stage of the funnel, we want to make sure we’re not targeting users who are already in the middle of an application process. Audience Builder made this type of segmentation really easy for us. We’d download a list, and then we could use it to cross-check our CRM system to pinpoint the most creditworthy users. We’d then upload this direct to Facebook to start our retargeting campaigns.

So far, the results have been pretty incredible - we’ve increased the success rate of applications by 100 percent!

Thanks, Tolga! Interested in learning more about how to do retargeting? Check out our introductory ebook - we talk through how retargeting fits into your overall mobile marketing strategy, which KPIs to look out for, and the five steps to implement your first retargeting campaign.

About Akbank

Akbank’s core business is banking activities, consisting of corporate investment and private banking, commercial banking, SME banking, consumer banking, payment systems and treasury transactions, and international banking services.

Akbank was reaffirmed as the most valuable banking brand in Turkey for the fifth consecutive year in the international brand valuation company Brand Finance’s survey.

Widely known for anticipating changes in trends and customer dynamics to develop new products and channels for meeting the individual financial needs of clients, Akbank has introduced many innovations to the Turkish banking industry.

Akbank’s Direkt Mobile Application was the winner of its class in the 2014 Global Mobile Awards, it has been announced.

With over 60 years of experience in the industry, Akbank combines heritage, innovation and real care for its customers. It's no wonder the business was voted “Most valuable banking brand of Turkey” for the fifth consecutive time this year, and that it received the “Best Bank of Central and Eastern Europe” award from Euromoney in 2016.

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