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How albo is using Adjust to increase quality of user acquisition traffic

Finance superstar albo is a real Mexican success story. Now one of the country’s largest start-ups,  the firm is also making waves in the global world of mobile banking. Launched in 2016, albo quickly became the leading challenger bank in Mexico, Latin America’s second-largest market, bringing unprecedented convenience to their customers across the region, offering frictionless mobile banking with no commissions.

From their base in Mexico City, albo has its sights on further expansion and wants to take up a larger slice of the 59 million mobile users still ripe for conversion. However, fintech is one of the most hotly competitive industries in modern Mexico, with over 400 startups as of 2020. With colossal potential but hot competition, it’s crucial that albo is careful with every part of their marketing budget - and the company turned to Adjust to safeguard their online advertising spend.

A quick transition

After switching attribution providers to Adjust, albo wanted to make sure its team could benefit from Adjust’s product offering as quickly as possible. As a start-up prioritizing product offerings, they had limited access to developer resources for marketing, so they looked for an attribution provider with an easy onboarding process and a dedicated support team to help make the switch. Thanks to a streamlined and reactive approach, albo quickly started working with Adjust data and avoided any manual processes when it came to transitioning from one attribution provider to another.

Constanza Alvarado Bernard

User Acquisition Manager, Albo

Fishy figures for acquisition

With growth as its fundamental goal, albo needed perfect data to ensure they were getting the best possible insights into where their users were coming from. Once the company switched to Adjust, aggregated data in the Adjust dashboard quickly flagged that some networks were providing low quality or suspicious data.

As albo were using Adjust’s Fraud Prevention Suite, they worked with the Adjust Fraud Team to weed out this sub-par traffic, keying in on where they can find high-quality users at an optimal cost.

Once albo had conducted a thorough analysis of their traffic, they began to see that some of their networks were not catching all the fraudulent behavior. However, with the Fraud Prevention Suite activated, this traffic began to be automatically rejected, without albo’s team having to take any manual action.

Finding the best path forward

With a detailed analysis of where the good and bad traffic was coming from, albo began to reallocate their budgets to the best sources of users, making sure they got the most bang for their buck.

Constanza Alvarado Bernard

User Acquisition Manager, Albo

Backing growth

Once the business had the information to make better decisions with their performance marketing budget, albo was able to supercharge its UA efforts while keeping costs down. For a fast-growing disruptor like albo, the ability to snowball while avoiding wasted budget is key. With the confidence that fraud was taken care of, albo increased their conversion rate by 600% and decreased CPA by 16%.

An equally impressive feat was reducing empty installs by 70% in the three months after cutting out fraud and low-quality traffic — freeing up more resources to obtain high LTV users.

You can find out more about how albo are making Adjust work for them here. To see how Adjust can help your business tackle mobile ad fraud, make sure to check out our resources.

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