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How subscription tracking can unlock the power of your health & fitness app

Subscription-based apps are taking a larger foothold in the global app market. Subscriptions are now the norm for customers looking for a premium experience in entertainment, shopping, fitness, lifestyle, and a plethora of other services. In fact, apps that use a subscription-model — such as Tinder, YouTube Premium and HBO Go — led the Top App charts across both the App Store and Google Play Store in 2019.

As our customers increasingly turn to subscriptions as a source of revenue, Adjust found that clients needed a simpler way to measure all the subscription events alongside their performance marketing campaigns. As subscription services grow in complexity, marketers need to track, segment and measure their apps performance. That’s why we recently launched our new Subscription Tracking product, an industry-first solution to help mobile marketers manage their consumers’ subscription events and revenue.

With Adjust’s Subscription Tracking solution, you can track the full customer lifecycle - from the ad that initiated interest, to trials activated, billing problems, renewals, cancellations and even reactivations.

Fitness apps are a natural home for subscription models, since consumers are already used to paying subscriptions offline, for gyms or other fitness services.

But with a growing number of people turning to apps to track their health, it’s a competitive industry to advertise in. For this reason, you might attract more customers into your app by offering a free trial subscription.

With our subscription tracking tool, you can follow all the milestones of this customer’s journey. From opening the app for the first time, to registration and starting a free trial, all of this can be attributed back to the campaign that first attracted this customer.

However, the pain point that we identified for lots of customers is when the subscription app journey starts to differ from that of a regular customer. Our clients wanted the ability to see when subscriptions auto-renewed, or when there has been a payment issue. In these instances, you can see what’s working in your funnel or direct your customer support agents to help your customer get their payment issue sorted.

Something that is particular to fitness apps is their seasonality. Adjust research found that fitness app downloads increased 67% during the COVID lockdown period in May, as customers found a way to keep healthy. We also see a huge spike in January of normal years, as New Years’ resolutions kick in. But this is accompanied by a lower uptake in use for summer months. By tracking when customers pause or resume their subscriptions, you can aim campaigns and retargeting to get these valuable customers back in your app once the summer season is over.

Targeted campaigns based on seasonality or segmented user behavior/cohort are just some of the benefits of subscription tracking. Fueled with the right data from Adjust, you can get the timing and messaging on point to ensure that your customers are always informed of the benefits of your app.

Find the details on how Adjust can help you measure subscriber LTV here, or talk to your dedicated Adjust account manager or customer success manager to find out more.

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