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How to keep your best users coming back: Retargeting basics for mobile marketers

Retargeting is the practice of building long-term, trustworthy relationships with the users you care most about. It’s how you keep high-value users coming back, again and again, into your app.

Most verticals don't have access to a bottomless pool of new users, and that's a good thing. Even if such a pool did exist, our last mobile benchmarks report showed that up to 89% of new users don’t stick around for more than seven days after they install an app.

This means that If 100 people install your app on a Monday, 89 of them (on average) are gone by Sunday. That's a lot of time and money to spend on a ton of users who will disappear (almost) overnight.

Looking to learn more about how to do retargeting? We put together a new resource for mobile marketers diving into retargeting and re-engagement for the first time, to show you where to start if you've never set up or run a mobile retargeting campaign before. Our introductory guide is for marketers who know that retargeting is important, but aren't sure where to begin.

Plunge into our Introduction to Retargeting and we'll show you:

  • How mobile retargeting really works
  • Which retargeting KPIs matter most
  • 5 easy steps you can take to set up your first retargeting campaigns

Got questions about retargeting? Talk to us! We'll walk you through it.

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