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Next-level re-engagement: How to sync and merge your CRM with your retargeting campaigns

Today we’re taking another look back at one of the most insightful talks at Mobile Spree San Francisco 2017 on the subject of re-engagement.

'Merging CRM and retargeting: an all-synced re-engagement automation setup' by Jacques Frisch (User Acquisition and Retention at Wallapop), dives headfirst into how Wallapop, a free virtual flea market for iPhone & iPad that allows you to buy and sell second-hand products, makes sure their in-app messages, push notifications, emails, and retargeting ads complement, rather than shout over, one another.

Our Mobile Spree San Francisco conference in 2017 featured over thirty expert speakers from the mobile marketing industry, multiple panel discussions, and six different workshops. Watch Jacques's talk from start to finish below right now, or read on or a summary of the key takeaways from his presentation.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Wallapop started with a big question: how do you connect your CRM (your push notifications, in-app messages and emails) to your retargeting actions, so that no user gets the same message twice or too many messages?

  • They use a third-party tool to provide direct communication to their users; the third-party sends pushes, in-app messages, and emails in order to reinforce the brand with the user. Wallapop's retargeting campaigns are meant to add a second layer to their CRM, and include static ads, dynamic product feed ads, social and native ads (Facebook), and reach users inside other apps. Why do this at all? 50% of your app users likely have push notifications turned off, and if they're inactive, they're not seeing your in-app messages at all.

  • Wallapop set up a connection between their CRM and retargeting ads. They've divided users into a variety of segments (for example: unregistered users, 'low' active users, dormant users, etc.), and have different communication strategies for each segment, which is also reflected in their retargeting campaigns. Their retargeting efforts now know when a device has been reached by CRM and can respond accordingly with the adapted message intended for the particular segment. Within 8 weeks, they've seen CPX costs decline significantly.

  • Wallapop brought this strategy on board before Adjust's launch of the Audience Builder, but this is exactly the scenario that the Audience Builder was created for. In this case, Audience Builder would allow Wallapop to stop sharing all of their CRM data with their third party and instead share only the specific device IDs of the segments they wish to retarget and simply inform the third party of the one KPI they want an audience to be optimized towards.

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