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Indonesia in three charts: The state of Indonesian app marketing

Indonesia might not be the first on a typical list of mobile marketing hotspots, but if you don’t view the market as a critical launchpad, you’d be making a real mistake. The country is one of the rising mobile markets, with one of the largest global populations (264 million people) of a single nation. Meanwhile, “the number of smartphone users in the U.S. will grow just 3% in 2019, compared with 12.1% in Indonesia,” says TechCrunch, Further, app downloads grew 55% in Indonesia from 2016 to 2017. By comparison, the U.S. grew 5% in the same time frame.

Furthermore, Apptopia data reveals Indonesian app downloads in 2019 by broad verticals. The country, as it stands, is obsessed with Gaming apps, downloading 2.8 billion games in 2019 (that’s 11 apps for each of Indonesia’s 264 million people).

Spending season

But Indonesia isn’t just home to users eager to install apps of all kinds — they are primed to spend. Currently estimated at $40 billion in market capital, Indonesia’s internet economy has more than quadrupled in size since 2015, according to Google:“In particular, the e-Commerce and Ride-Hailing sectors are firing on all cylinders, fueled by intense competition between Indonesian and regional players.” The country is also home to super-app GoJek, which grew from a ride-hailing app to becoming a mobile economic driver.

Dovetailing with Google findings, e-commerce is also a high performing vertical. Meanwhile, the same report states that “all sectors are also benefiting from the growing adoption of Digital Payments,” hence the high number of Finance app downloads in the country. These figures also match Adjust’s App Trends report, which discovered Indonesia to be the fastest-growing county in terms of pure app downloads.

Fair-weather users

We’ve seen Indonesian apps install at peak levels, but that’s one metric of many. Installs also don’t allow marketers to plan their spend or project their LTV — which is why we also have insightful retention data on top Indonesian app verticals.

Let’s get social

Indonesia is a country run on social media. Indonesians are rolling their leisure and business lives into one — on the go, and on mobile. Social meets shopping: transactions take place on payment apps with social features, like GoJek. Meanwhile, conversational commerce is a real trend that influences shoppers’ actions far more than elsewhere.

It pays to augment app features with social aspects. Consider baking in features that allow users to share content with others via deep linking to stories, features and even more advanced integrations. In Indonesia, the concept of a standalone social app is out of step with what audiences want and appreciate. Focus on approaches that make app content shareable and actionable to ensure users keep coming back.

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