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Insider tips and tricks for Google’s App campaigns for engagement: Watch the full webinar here

As user acquisition costs continue to rise, so does the realization that re-engaging users is the best way to grow revenues. This is why Google’s re-engagement tool, App campaigns for engagement, is a critical asset for marketers looking to bring users back to their app. Michael Paxman, Adjust Product Communications Lead spoke with Lorenzo Bianchi, Global Product Strategy Lead at Google, to get the inside scoop on how you can make the most out of Google’s App campaigns for engagement. (For more on this topic read these best practices on our blog.)

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Webinar Highlights

Before implementation, note that you need to have deep linking and conversion tracking in place in order for the tool to work — an area where Adjust can help. As Lorenzo says, “when it comes to setting up conversion tracking it’s super easy thanks to our integration with partners such as Adjust.” (To learn more, read about deep linking and conversion tracking here.)

Advertisers must sharpen their focus on retention

Michael kicks off the discussion by highlighting just how integral retention is to a profitable marketing strategy. “Across the Adjust database we’ve seen that in Q1 of 2019, one-week retention rates hover around about 10-11% for e-commerce, about 15% for gaming and just 9% for travel.” He adds that this is “a mounting problem. The industry has developed and advertisers who were spending 90% of their budgets on acquisition just a few years ago now understand that this is a more significant challenge than first realized.”

App campaigns for engagement: success stories so far

Lorenzo shares three use cases during the webinar, including Garanti, a Turkish banking app with 7.3 million digital customers (6.6 of which are mobile users). As Lorenzo explains, Garanti used “a user list that tried to re-engage users who had been active in the last 90 days. Garanti chose login as an optimization event and have achieved fantastic results.” In fact, the results were so effective that Garanti decreased its cost per login by 60%. Lorenzo also shared similar success stories for gaming apps: Gmei, an APAC gaming developer, used App campaigns for engagement to drive in-app purchases and MAU, while IM30 saw an uplift of 30% in ROAS.

Let machine learning work its magic: variety is key

When asked to share tips and tricks, Lorenzo states that “the best performing campaigns use all types of different formats and test different creative and different messages.” He also stressed the importance of using popular channels to reach wider audiences. In his view, “if you don’t upload video, you aren’t taking advantage of the great reach YouTube has.”

This logic — in which variety is key — extends to all creative: As Michael explains, “it’s about feeding the machine. The more creative, data and options it has, the better it can find successful combinations based on those results.”

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