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It’s official: Adjust’s API for transparent ad spend data is here.

The API - the first of its kind - provides mobile advertisers with ad spend data down to the device level, creating an unprecedented level of insight into the true costs of paid marketing campaigns.

Remember when we told you that leaders in mobile gaming were all on the same page at our Think Tanks? They were frustrated with the industry, the existing means of receiving ad spend data and the lack of transparency across the ecosystem. Our CTO himself, Paul H. Müller, even called ad spend the “poorly reported elephant in the room”.

With the new API, advertisers will no longer have to carry out analyses based on the average cost spent during a campaign or compare copious spreadsheets - instead they will get to choose how they want to analyze their cost data, with options ranging from advertising id to device name, country, creative etc. on a per engagement basis. In this way, they will receive vastly more accurate ad spend data on campaigns acquiring new mobile app users.

How does Adjust’s ad spend API change the industry?

The new ad spend API is a discrete, asynchronous, server-to-server API. The API is fully automated and foregoes the need for manual matching of campaign IDs or scraping dashboards. We’ve found that our API vastly reduces data discrepancies, as networks are now able to send ad spend data at the moment they can confirm the cost of the engagement rather than beforehand. The API also removes the need for encryption when passing ad spend data, as it is designed to come in directly via a secure, server to server request.

Before the release of our ad spend API, if you received cost data at all it arrived via flawed methods. You might have received aggregated data, averaging together your costs with mystery math you couldn’t recreate on your own end. Or you might have received data with vastly different levels of granularity, all depending on which network your ad spend data was coming from. Your data might have been susceptible to errors, or you might have resorted to scraping various dashboards, struggling to create a picture of ad spend based on the level of clarity available to you. There was no solution that was simultaneously automated, accurate, and scalable.

Our ad spend API fixes all of those issues. What it does is allow marketers using Adjust as their attribution partner to receive ad spend data exactly as they do all other metadata they currently receive. So just as an advertiser receives information about a particular device, like its operating system, advertising ID, language or country, they’ll now receive ad spend data in the same swoop.

What does ad spend mean for mobile advertisers?

For Adjust, the term ‘ad spend’ refers to the tracking and calculation of the per-device, non-aggregated cost paid at the time of acquisition - for each and every user who comes in through a paid channel. This is different from how many in the industry have previously regarded ad spend - settling for averages and aggregated data that can mask major differences within a single population.

As an example of the current state of the ecosystem, let’s say Advertiser B runs 50 different ad campaigns with Network A. The only cost data that Network A might provide the advertiser with is the total cost of acquisition. Our ad spend API uncouples cost data from this situation and makes it another metric that advertisers can receive (just like operating system or language, for example). With this level of detail, advertisers can incorporate ad spend data into all of their analyses.

With Audience Builder, an advertiser using Adjust can create custom segments based on a variety of information available to them. With the ad spend API, advertisers can now incorporate and use ad spend data in exactly the same way, allowing for the targeting of the most cost-effective users who make paid marketing campaigns worth it. The end effect is that advertisers are able to optimize their campaigns and iterate on their most successful creatives for better targeting of users.

Moshi Blum, User Acquisition and Re-Engagement Lead at Viber, said: "The Adjust Ad Spend Initiative is the right step towards a better, more transparent and more accurate user acquisition campaign.An impression based API will improve our granular insights and open a new world of possibilities by calculating the actual ROI per user. I'm looking forward to being part of this initiative as I predict it will increase budget efficiency and accelerate our growth".

None of this would be possible without the support of advertisers, networks and special partners across the industry. AdColony, Chartboost, Criteo, Crossinstall, Fyber, InMobi, Ironsource, Jampp, Liftoff, Remerge, Tapjoy, Unity, Vungle and YouAppi are the first in a growing list of network partners who are helping us improve our overall cost initiatives.

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